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Sep 3, 2002
Hi guys.
I think Davids has to go away. Ok, he is a great player, I loved him, but if today Nesta is wearing a shirt red&black is his fault.
Cragnotti told Moggi he was interested in davids and if juventus gave 20 mil euro could buy Nesta, the best defender of the world (with rio ferdinand and cannavaro).
Davids agreed with roma a couple of months ago instead and refused lazio. Today we've got a midfield unhappy to stay here with us, and the best italian defender who is playing for Milan.
It's unfair and unacceptable!
If davids would like to stay here, everybody would be happy for that, because everybody love Davids, but he choose Roma (where he'll find Capello who was the trainer that let him go away from Milan some years ago!) and here he isn't happy...and juventus lost Nesta.:(

Goodbye Edgar, thanks for everything, but now go away.

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Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
First of all, selling a player of calibre such as Davids to league rivals is as daft as it gets.

Our last season our mid was weaker than our defence so selling davids for nesta would make the situation worse.


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Jul 12, 2002
What a ridiculous idea this is, our midfield is weak compared to the really good sides and the one world class defensive midfielder we have , you want him to be traded for a defender and money

You want him to go to a club which are known racists, no way, if you are gonna trade Davids and you are not getting Keane or Viera, then trade him for a world class attacking talent

We lose Brighi and now you want to lose Davids just so that Nesta can play for us just so that you can make a strong defence stronger and make a weak midfield weaker
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