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Mar 6, 2007
Would be nice if he had a touch of Barzagli about him. Signed under a cloud of being a bit of a flop but gradually excelling in calcio from 29 onward.

Different player of course but sometimes it just comes together for a player in a club or championship or under a certain coach.


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Jan 16, 2013
Ze germans crushed their souls @CrimsonianKing
Nah, the Brazilians passion for football have been dying out for a long time now. And I mean several decades. The old timers (the people who saw the NT at its glory days in the 50’s and 70’s) were still around for 94’. Back then supporting the NT was almost like a religion. By the 00’s the country was nowhere near producing talent of the caliber they were used to and people gradually lost interest.

What happened in 2014 was just the nail in the coffin.


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Sep 20, 2011
Couldnt agree more. The peak in terms of quality was probably the 60s. Too many world class players distributed around the clubs. Fan Passion has clearly been fading and nowadays Id say only a fraction of the people cares about football in general. You will find more passion in England or Argentina, for example


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May 11, 2005
Another good game.

Solid and good distribution from the back, turns out it is possible to do it even without Bonucci. Needs to watch his challenges when on a yellow though.


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May 26, 2009
Mr Reliable. Lol who would have thought. Reborn under Pirlo. And my favourite aspect of him as a player, is his leadership qualities. Barking orders, trying to organise the defence, it’s clear he feels like an important member of the squad, and he clearly is now.


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Sep 13, 2011
I tuned in after the game started and thought it's actually Alex Sandro playing there. He looked so smooth on the ball.
Great form this season.

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