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Mar 16, 2013
Looks utterly confused and is always late in duels. If questionmarks has a face its ruganis. Probably wondering why the hell he is still a juve player and footballer at all.
:agree: There were so many times he just stood there and let the Lokomotiv players take a shot/ run with the ball.

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but a lot more handsome
Don’t know about that but his GF is an 11/10.


Mar 6, 2007
it is. maybe emre can won't leave after all.

btw i wouldn't mind gozzi in the first squad. i only saw him a couple of times, but he was always solid for his age. maybe @JuveJay checked him recently.
Saw him score the winner against Atletico the other night, but haven't seen much Primavera this year.

He's pretty much the best defender in the group, but what that means for top level football I don't know.

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