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Jun 20, 2018
atalanta have option to buy at 18m
we bought at 26m
Why did we potentially take such a big loss. I thought we usually made money with these type of deals.
LOL, no.
We bought at 26 because we sold sturaro at 18.
So we bought at 8 million + whatever Sturu was worth ( my opinion no more than 5 mil.)
Romero's price is strictly linked to the sale of Sturaro.
Both deals inflated for Ffp reasons.


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Mar 3, 2017
Mandragora also the same kind of deal that has to be sorted out, not even a starter at this point for Udinese. Those inflated selling deals are really ugly, with Sturaro as the foundation for us buying Romero for 26m.
Mandragora is still a starter for Udinese. He is just recovering from the ligaments tear, they still start him as they can and against big teams like Napoli and Atalanta. Not nearly at full fitness though after such a big injury.

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