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Zé Tahir

Dec 10, 2004
with pleasure,

cricket is a british game which is mostly played in the former British colonies. These countries include Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, and most recently Canada, USA, and Hong Kong.

Cricket is played by two teams of eleven on a level, closely cut oval "pitch" measuring about 525 ft (160 m) by about 550 ft (170 m). Two wickets are placed 66 ft (20.12 m) apart near the middle of the field. A wicket consists of two wooden crosspieces (bails) resting on three wooden stumps 28 in. (71.1 cm) high.

At each wicket stands a batsman. If the opposing bowler, delivering the ball from near the opposing wicket, knocks down the bails of the batsman's wicket, the batsman is retired. In delivering the hard, leather-covered ball, the bowler throws overarm but may not bend the arm, and the ball usually approaches the batsman on one bounce. After six bowls to one batsman, an umpire (there is one at each wicket) calls "over," and another bowler begins bowling to the batsman's partner at the opposing wicket. The players in the field shift position according to the batsmen.

If the batsman hits the ball with his willow paddle-shaped bat far enough so that both batsmen may run to exchange places, a run is scored. When the ball is hit a long distance (in any direction, since there are no foul lines), up to four exchanges or runs may be made. (If the ball crosses the boundary of the field on the ground, four runs are scored automatically; if it clears the boundary in the air, six are scored.) However, if the opposing team recovers the ball and uses it to knock down the bails of a wicket before the batsman reaches it, the batsman is out. A batsman is also retired if an opposing fielder catches a batted ball on the fly (as in baseball), or for any of several more technical reasons. An outstanding turn at bat may result in more than 100 runs, a "century."

A game usually consists of two innings; in one innings all players on each team bat once in a fixed order (unless a team, having scored what it considers runs adequate to win, chooses to retire without completing its order); a game may take several days to complete. Substitutions are allowed only for serious injury.

There are two types of games, one called One Day Cricket and the other Test Cricket. The traditional style is the Test Cricket. In this type the game can go on for days!

Test Cricket:
The game has two innings per team. i.e. a team bats until they either lose all their wickets ( 10 batsmen) or until they think that their score is big enough not to be beaten. Then the other team has their 1st inning, in which they try to beat the score, (there is no time limit.) If they lose all their wickets before beating the score, than the other team takes a lead in their 2nd inning. For example. if Team A scores 250 runs ( you can call is points if it makes it easier to understand) than Team B scores 200 in return before being bowled out, than in the 2nd inning of Team A they have a 50 runs lead. This style is BORING!!

So in the 70's they came out with One Day Cricket. In this type of cricket there is only 1 inning per team, and it consists of 50 overs. After 50 overs are done, than the teams switch. For example: Team A scores 300 runs in 50 overs, than Team B has to beat that score in the 50 overs or else they lose. Another way they can lose is if they're batsmen are retired.

If a game is tied, than the wickets are counted. For example: if you scored a certain amount of runs and lost 5 wickets, and the other team scores the same but lose 6 wickets, than the team with the least loss wins. This game can take up to 6 hrs.

In my opinion, its one of those games that either you love it or you hate it, theres no middle to it. I hope this information was sufficient for you. :)

PS: here's a link to a video. See for yourself:

Zé Tahir

Dec 10, 2004
no sounds much more boring than it is if u watch it. Especially if it's a rivalry game. The best one is India vs Pakistan.


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2004
It's very similar to baseball, but there is A LOT MORE action to the game.

Because there is no need to break up the game with TV commercials.

I never followed it though.


May 11, 2004
sometimes one game lasts for a couple of days or even more :yawn:

The do not break up the game with TV commercials, they do interrupt it for a tea break though :D


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Jul 28, 2002
Ahh what a game. I have played for a local team for over 3 years, its a quality sport that requires huge skill and patience.

A very underestimated sport.


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Jun 3, 2003
Yep, a one day game of cricket lasts about 7 hours. You practically need all day to sit and watch an entire match. However, its enjoyable to those who understand it, and like someone here said, its best when 2 traditional rivals take the field against each other. India Vs Pakistan and England Vs Australia are the two biggest rivalries in the game. However, Australia is by far the most invincible team in the world, and the only team that can catch and beat them is, yep: INDIA. :D

India V Australia have been some very high scoring, exciting games. While Australia have some very adept, technically superior players in their squad, India relies solely on talent. Google the name Sachin Tendulkar, if you guys would like to know more.


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by baggio ] ++
India V Australia have been some very high scoring, exciting games. While Australia have some very adept, technically superior players in their squad, India relies solely on talent. Google the name Sachin Tendulkar , if you guys would like to know more.
That's the only name i recognize in cricket.Don't follow it.


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Feb 21, 2004
One of my roommates is Chinese, so we decided to start playing table tennis couple of weeks ago. So we went ahead and bought some rackets. I haven't played for some 7 years. He claims he hadn't played for 2 years.

So, the first three days we played he would kick my ass in every game. We play on average 11-13 games in a "matchday". He would be me on average 21-8. Last week we had our fourth matchday. He still kicked my ass, but this time the average was about 21-15.

Even though I am yet to win against Jun, I am very confident that it will happen soon.

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