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Mar 6, 2007
Biggest cunt I've seen so far in the UK is the notoriously cuntish Mike Ashley, who owns Sports Direct (budget sportswear store), Jack Wills (clothing) and Newcastle United. First he tried to keep his stores open even after the government lockdown on non-essential business, by trying to make out that sportswear/clothing was an essential item for people needing exercise, and then it just came out that Newcastle are asking for money towards next season's season tickets.

Also the owner of Wetherspoon (budget large pub chain), Tim Martin, another notorious cunt, who until the last few days was telling people to keep going to pubs like his, then suggested he would not pay his employees the 20% of salary not paid for by the government, and that his staff should not hang around and go and get jobs at Tesco.

Both of them are due to be questioned by MPs.
Apr 17, 2013
USA see table, must become first on table. Meanwhile we're losing ground on Spain in our pursuit of a CL spot. In the end we might even lose our EL spot to Iran and France
What an idea also to be foresighted by having masks and doing tests, you should not be surprised at your failure.
There are people who are born incompetent, but even if you have this gift, you have to know how to improve it.
Jan 15, 2015
Right wing lowly balkan immigrant in progressive Deutschland,

Has it occurred to you that Germany is doing well bc they're progressive?
What did this missing link mean by this?

Can somebody translate?

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Will stop to pay rent for their stores starting april.
true victims of the whole affair

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