[Coppa Italia] Juventus 3-2 Genoa [January 13th, 2021] (1 Viewer)


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Senior Member
Dec 31, 2002
Weird game. Of all people Arthur was the one to make a goal line clearance...
Kulu first half was unplayable but in the second he and Morata made a bet who could play worse...


Senior Member
Mar 23, 2015
Still. Genoa are always dirty little bastards to play against....
genoa played a meh match too, they had like 2 shots on target. with a little bit of concentration, we should have finished them off before the hour mark.

anyway, let's move on, you can't base any judgement on a team playing wesley in a key position, or having a dragusin, bonucci, danilo, bernardeschi back four

at least we saw a team with a cb playing rb, and a rb playing cb, pirlo certainly has the pep gene lol
Jun 16, 2020
Dragusin was a bit to wild sometimes for me, and then sometimes not aggressive enough in duels.

Portanova and Wesley I liked them less, both disappeared and doubt they’ll reach useful level for us

Rafia did nice and this is his playstile on a good day but sometimes very inconsistent in Serie C level, but way better then Portanova/Wesley imo


Senior Member
May 21, 2009
Just saw the highlights. Damn we could have won comfortably... but it's us, we always complicate to ourselves. Their keeper had one of those days sadly, as always.


Senior Member
Apr 17, 2019
It was never going to be pretty with so many changes but the first half should've ended 4 or 5-1 the way we sliced them up so easily. Second half was totally different.

Wesley looks good running at opponents, Dragusin also good on the ball but positioning wasn't great when defending on the counter. Portanova was good going forward as well, nearly had a goal but for a tight offside. Rafia was alright, got a goal. They all were very keen, lots of running and tracking back, eager to impress.

From Genoa, Scamacca wasn't particularly impressive and by all the Juve handshakes he got I see this transfer happening. I'd be more tempted to let Kulusevski play support striker because he often finds himself running onto goal plus his finishing is pretty good. In comparison, our new boys had good touch and tight control so you see that they're well drilled, their mistakes came because of nerves as opposed to lacking the skill.


Very Stable Genius
Mar 6, 2007
Should have easily won but we were really sloppy and wasteful up front, and some inexperience showed at the back. I also thought Buffon should have saved their second goal.

The extra 30 minutes was not good news, but at least some new players got some minutes. Pleased for Rafia, he has skill and a strong temperament. Sometimes too strong.

The ET save their keeper made on Kulu was unbelievable.

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