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Nov 25, 2005
Perfect all round. Lazio disappointed and tired after going the distance and still losing. And we get a chance to beat Meelahhhn in another Coppa Italia final. Good times.
Bonucci is so lifting this trophy in front of us :D

Prepare for the unbarable Gattuso cocksucking till the end of season. Milan is Italy's (their media's at least) favorite club.


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Jun 1, 2012

People scared of this Milan team :lol:
We nearly choked to a shitty Milan last time tho so it's not exactly that straightforward


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Feb 13, 2005
Lazio would basically have a home game in the final since it's always at the Olimpico. So it's another bonus for us to play Milan.

Also Lazio has a more compact team, it would be difficult to play them.

All in all, I expect us to win this easily.


Mar 6, 2003
Both teams would have been tricky. Lazio because they are on form all this season and have inmobile.
Milan well they are regaining form and we dont know how cutrone and the rest will be by that time.

It seems something good is starting to happen in milan. Lets hope we dont face them at their best
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