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Feb 18, 2001
He amuses himself as 11 years ago, when he came in Turin. Antonio Conte was 22, and came from Lecce dreaming of glory days. Now he's aged 33 and has won a lot of trophies during his career, but the midfielder still wants to work and play. The start of the season hasn't be easy for him because of a surgery. But now he is fit. "I had a problem, maybe I wanted to play earlier. Now I'm fine. I want to play with the Primavera to verify if I'm fit."

Last week he played against Monza, now against Sampdoria. Conte, in this occasion, is playing with Gianluca Pessotto, also ready to reach his teammates. "After the stop of Serie A I wish I could work with Marcello Lippi. I don't know if I can meet Inter Milan. I think of my work, it's Lippi who decides the squad. But I should be fit."

The midfielder want to come bach to help the team with his great experience. Last year he and Ferrara, they were so precious. Now he tries again with Zambrotta and Pessotto. "I think Lippi is the happier when he can work with all the players. Until now the team has been great. The new arrivals have been fabulous. When I see Baiocco, I think about me when I was young."

Aged 33, Conte should be of help for Lippi. "I think I'm even better than 5 or 6 years ago. My matches were only phisical, now I also know how to play a game." He think of his matches, but also of business. With his brother Gianluca he has just opened a gym in the south of Italy. "I have this dream since I was a teenager."


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Jul 12, 2002
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    i can see that.tacchi's returning to form,davids will be eager to prove his worth in order not to move to roma and tudor just got a goal the other week so it won't be easy to get a place.

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