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Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
2 things i need help for.

1. Im getting a new 60gb HD installed on my comp soon(upgraded from a 4, yes 4 GB :eek:) and I want to format my hard drive. I dont have anything important on my computer right now because everything I need I have on cds.

So how do i format my drive?

2. Whenever I turn on my PC it says I have 22 processes running. But when I C-A-D I dont see 22 applications. Is there a program that will let me see all the processes running on my computer at any given time?

Any help will me appreciated and will be repayed with my love.

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Jul 27, 2002
phew haven't worked on a pc for ages, but here's what u have to do when using an OS with the option to re-start in dos....:
simply go to the DOS modus and enter:
format "the letter of ur drive - probably c:"

from what when u're in windows u cannot format the disk with the OS on it....
but i've never worked with the newest OS...


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Jul 13, 2002
Josh , there is 2 ways to do format and partition your hard drive :

1- Boot your Pc using a startup disk then use Fdisk A:\Fdisk to partition your disk then Exit Fdisk and use this command to format the created partitions A:\format C: where C: is the Drive letter of the drive you want to format. repeat this step for all other drives.

2- If you still have windows get a program called Partition magic 8 or any version you can find and use it to Divide your new drive into's very easy to won't need help to use it :)

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