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Aug 2, 2002
Yo Alex!!

I´ve noticed that there are some columns in the site and new one appears from time to time! Well, I was thinking to myself that I could post columns from time to time! My english is rather good alltough there are some errors! I have written some columns in the past and allways thought were could I submit them were anyone could read them! So if this is possible I still have a few questions! Does it always have to relate Juve, because ideas for columns come from brainstorms and the subject just pops in to my head! I can´t force it because, if I forced it I probably wouldn´t get the column too long! Actually it probably would be rather always non-Juve!

Hit me back man!


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Dec 31, 2000
Yes, sure you can submit columns, I'll have to see a sample before I okay your request.

And yes, they have to be Juve related, after all it's a Juve site.

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