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Who will Juve face next in the CL?

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Post Ironic

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Feb 9, 2013
Tell me anyway.

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Neither. We were quite lucky to win the CL even the 2 times we did. 1st CL we won we had an amazing team coached by the great Trappatoni and we won only because of Heysel tragedy. Liverpool players let us win the trophy since they felt responsible for killing Juve fans. The penalty was non existant. Boniek dived and it wasn't even in the box. 2nd CL trophy we bottled like 100 clear cut chances against Ajax and were not punished only to win it on penalties because we played in Italy and had home turf advantage.


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1 player cannot make the difference unless his name is Kylian Mbappe. :agree:

Hard to squeeze this much nonsense in a single post :sergio:

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