[CL] JUVENTUS 3-0 Atlético de Madrid [March 12th, 2019] (1 Viewer)


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Post Ironic

Senior Member
Feb 9, 2013
People will relax when we finally win CL. Us not being able to win it for so long is what really fires these cheating talks.
I always find this such a strange argument from fans of clubs like Roma, Napoli, and Inter... They say our European results mean we must be cheating and buying refs in Italy, because otherwise we'd win in Europe too... Napoli has never been to a CL final, Roma made one in 1984 and lost, Inter has played in 1 CL final in the last 47 years and luckily for them they won. None of them has done shit in the CL in the last 8 years that we have been on top. They rarely get past group stage or Rof16, even when they do qualify to play in the competition.

Meanwhile, we've played in 9 CL finals since 1973. Do they really think we buy the refs all the way through group stage and knockouts, and then run out of money to bribe the ref in the final? The argument that we only win Serie A because we bribe the refs and our results in Europe prove this is so illogical when looking at the fact we're the last Italian team standing in Europe almost every year.

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Winning the CL will cure the desperation in Juventini, but there's no way it will diminish any talk of Juve being cheaters.
We'd have to match Real Madrid's CL total to diminish any talk, and in the end, the noodles who shout these conspiracies would just start claiming we were buying refs in Europe too, and using PEDs.

Juventus 32

Senior Member
May 18, 2014
All those watch me overreact for the camera videos are like the most stupid thing one could possibly record. So stupid.
Some of them are funny tho.

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the mother in the end slapping the guy because he dropped her glass. lol

succhialo! lol
How can you do that (4:53) in front of your mother,wtf is wrong with these people :sergio:

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