[CL] JUVENTUS 1-2 Manchester United [November 7th, 2018] (6 Viewers)

May 3, 2012
United were missing Scholes and Keane in the final, they replaced them with a Blomqvist and Butt.

That’s like replacing Pogba and Vidal with Lemina and Rincon.

Hard to believe that Bayern still bottled it.
Bayern was worse. They had a 38 year old Matthaus in the starting lineup. In fact they had 10 German players in that lineup in one of the worst periods of German football.


Sep 23, 2003
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What's annoying is the match is being portrayed as a 'Mourinho masterclass' while we had multiple chances to increase our lead and were too careless. We could have steamrolled them
Fortunately this really wasn't as meaningful as it could have been, which contributed to the collapse, IMO.

But Mourinho had as much to do with the result as Sergio Romero.

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