[CL] JUVENTUS 1-2 Ajax [April 16th, 2019] (8 Viewers)


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  • E. Can

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  • Dybala

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  • Ronaldo

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Senior Member
Mar 14, 2006
Mazraoui is shit defensively if you ask me.. but he is the better player to attack with if Ajax has the ball..
They sure are going to miss tagliafico.
We should field Kean and bench Mandzukic.


Senior Member
May 6, 2012

But he's only 19 and must be protected from his ego and the racists.

The worst thing that can happen for his development is if he scores vs Ajax.
Worse than tearing an ACL?


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2002
De Jong apparently taken off as precaution and therefore should be fit
I must say I am happy and unhappy about it as on one hand we would be in a better position to qualify without him but on the other hand I want us to beat the best.
I predict a 2-0 win but its going to take a performance which IMO we will be able to provide.
I also predict an upset with Man City after they beat Tottenham 3-2 and crash out
Liverpool and Barca will qualify with ease..


Senior Member
Aug 21, 2010
Who is playing instead of supsended Tagliafico and is he any good. Tagliafico had a very good game against us.
Very good question. The last time someone else played as a LB for Ajax instead of Tagliafico was on 10 of March, at home vs Fortuna Sittard, game they won 4:0 and D. Sinkgraven replaced Tagliafico at 66th minute. So, after 10 of March he played 7 straight games with full 90 min on the pitch.

Sinkgraven, Veltman, Marzaoui... Whoever plays will be a liability, since the first two have played only 6-7 games so far this season and the latter plays on the right side of defence.

So, if Berna is fit and ready and shows his Atletico M form and performance he would destroy them on that flang. I cant wait, I have a feeling Ajax wont replace Tagliafico properly and their defence will bend the knee several times... :D


Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
We're fucked if Chiellini is out because they will definitely score.
thats why we should sign established defender in the summer ... someone like koulibaly ...

This is usual case from our captain since years to go ....missing him at the critical moments ... thanks it's Ajax that we can overcome ...if City or Barca it will be very hard ...


Senior Member
Jul 5, 2014
feck Chiellini healthy all season get injured in a training and missing the most important matches of the season..............
We really need someone fit and young.
The problem is Bonucci. Cause we can't bench or sell him given we got him back last summer....


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Mar 1, 2013
Chiellini has not recovered yet & is likely to miss the game against Ajax, Emre Can, Matuidi & Rugani are fine & will be available to Allegri. [Sky]


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2002

Not when our intention will be to defend the away goal we scored.
If that is how we are going to play we will surely lose
Im starting to think the good result we got is actually a bad one..
Has Chiellini been ruled out? I heard he is a doubt not ruled out..

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