[CL] Juventus 0-2 Barcelona [October 28th, 2020] (4 Viewers)


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May 5, 2004
Its just one game ffs. And only 2-0.
Wtf should Barça fans do aftet their last CL elimations?

This is some defeatist bullshit. Life , football, and Juve go on.
We are lucky to not have Bayern

If not we will become a meme like Barca for some 8 goals

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Jun 20, 2018
It seems acing the coach exam means shit when it comes to actually managing players and a club. Who would have though? What pirlo wants these players to do, they cant. Hope he figueres it out before the scudetto is long gone and we are out of the cl group
He actually doesn't have a lot to figure out to win Seria A.
He just needs to play our natural 4 3 3

Cuads demiral bonbon danilo/frabotta /obviously Sandro when he comes back

Ramsey/Benta Rabiot/give Mckennie minutes

Kulusevski/berna at 3 - 0 Chiesa/Ronaldo returns
Morata/Dybala on rotation when he is fit

He can try to change our style in easy matches, coppa etc., when we are playing at home.


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
Generally Barca these days are class above us...we cannot complain../QUOTE]
Yes we can, Barcelona have been terrible this season, besides the first CL game win, they have done nothing this season. I seen them lose to farm teams.

They were much better then us today, but they were still very average all game, that tells everything about our performance.


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Jan 14, 2014
When we attacked (even when it was kind of strambotic, we made Barca look bad, besides they have a poor defense)
I think Pirlo did wrong in not playing more boldly.


The Juve Freak
Jun 2, 2007
what a embarrassing match.. I really thought we could have turned it around, only chiesa was showing some sort of passion even though he was playing like crap, both Benta and Rabiot showed no passion and determination at all.. in a match where someone like Arthur and Ramsey could bring some flair and difference and didnt get enough minutes really disappoints me.. Pirlo doesnt have much time, we need to become a team fast! else we will not win anything this season

[)el Piero

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Oct 27, 2004
It's still a long season. This team is not hopeless, we have a few key players missing (Cristiano, De Ligt, Chiellini, Sandro).
i know it`s long season and we missing key players but cant handle the idea of juve been Carried by cr7 alone ,,, this not the juve i supported
it`s a disgrace ,,, and this should not be allowed we used to teach the whole world how play football under lippi and now been outplayed by koeman
this a joke ,, pirlo leading us is a joke ,, bonucci our captain is a joke ,, nedved is a joke

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