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Apr 24, 2003
Reposting a posting from the 'Elite' Forum.....

The Day had started out so perfectly the whole day
I was anticipating the final
Then it happend mean old history repeated itself
Milan 5 CL winners won again
against Juve 2 CL winners and doubble runners up in the late 90's.

The first 30's min I was really nerovus. Then I became my normal self. I am drunk because I was drinking for victory I was already preparing to tour the town and end the night with a proposal (to u know who)
And Then it all turns out like this...
its sad and contridictory
I mean Milan winning the CL seems logical
but the pig the eternal number 2 actually succeding seems very strange and I am not happy for him
not at all.
Don't know what to listen to had already diceded what to listen to if Juve win, but then again a loss i so more spontaious so more upsetting....
Listening to
MArvin Gaye - Trouble Man

Anyways after the first 30 min I some what calmed down at sat out the rest of the game chit chatting and being a good man, to my fellow residents....
that is until the penalties...
I mean I really hate the extension I mean for me the extension is the hell anything can happen and you just get sick everybody is waiting for each others mistakes the penalties seem more fair
because that is were the real champions step fourth at least I and others (Agnelli in particular)
When the Peanlty shootout started I got really nervous
you know (but positvie nervous)
I felt like soon soon its gonna happen. I mean everything was bending our way, we had Buffon Worlds greatest GKP
They had the Snake
Plus we had Lippi the coach who picked a line of defense nobodies to shoot against Ajax and who shoot Ajax down I trusted in Lippi.
However the shootout went...
And I was surprised by some of the picks
and reassured by some other but they let me down...

GIGI did wonders
And I am truly angry at those who choose TOldo over him, What about the 'Gordon Banks' save he made on the Inzaghi header!?!!!?

Gigi didn't let us down.....
He saved 2 out of 5.
1 out of 10 is the real percentage
1 out of 5 is good
2 out of 5 is excellent.....

Who I am really upset with is 1. The Penatly takers
2. Lippi

As much as I love These people of Juve they really broke my heart today
Alright Trezeguet precesion shooter from anywhere in the box has a crazy low shoot and is cool as hell.....
Should he miss, I was one of those who was happy he scored against gli Azzuri in 2000 because he prooved turnarounds are possible.
Should this Man miss
But he does.....
Ofcourse part of the blame has to go to Lippi the first and the last penalty are always the tuffest.......
And I think Either Conte or Thuram should of taken this one, IMO really Thuram since he was the man of the match.....
Thuram also has that Guadolopeian West Indian Intellectual Cool that the other players lack!
Bad Choice Lippi
but most of all Bad choice Trezeguet,,,, had this been in a game against say Empoli Trezeguet whould of had barried the shoot easily...
I am very very Disappointed or (or´Tre disappointed in Trezegol)

Then The Brazilians always manage to keep a crazy cool in these situations so Serginho penatly was no surprise...
The FOllowing Saves were however signs of glory from Buffon....

But why Zalayeta!!?
I know Lippi was thinking Camp Nou Barcelona, but Zalayeta is elbows, muscles and fighting n nothing more, and he prooved this once and for all.
He Missed it
but one can't blame Zalayeta
that is like blaming a cripple for not being able to run
the blame is Lippi's....

Then Montero
The Choice seems ingenious the penalty seems to equal a goal and seems to equal the score cards...
Instead Paolo Misses

What a a_ss of a champion!!!
Scoring penalties is about believing that you are the rightful winner of the trophy obviously Montero didn't believe this
somewhere deep inside of him, he must of felt inferior to those nasty rossonerri....
I hate him for that penalty it
And I only wish him to leave now!
I am sorry it might sound harsh and cruel....
But are team should be made of champions not people who doubt their legitimicy to the thrown......

Somewhere between all this disasternous Birindelli managed to score his penalty like the true champion he has become won of the best fukk backs in the world
I keep telling everybody
altough the doubters are many headed by the ever so cynical *censured* (After Allesio performance you should give him a break!!!)

After Nesta who I first thought had hit the side netting scored... And who he all loathed because he should cut his hair as it has now grown to long and it is ruining his boyish looks......
Then Del Piero steps up....
I had aleady thought of the Scenario before hand...
If he would miss
Jules (Lisa) would learn to see him as the real apprentices/successor of Baggio and share the sympthathy we all (or almost all) felt for Robby in 94.
So If he miss
he would gain the respect of so many more people then if he would score......
Then ofcourse he scores IMO succeding Baggio, to show the Ale's mental strength is yet to be matched, but in most peoples opinion just differntiating himself from our Robby B....

Then we are all waiting for Buffon's moment of greatness...
but then again
is it really
I mean if he would save it would of just pro-longed the shootout not won us the tournament thanks to the blenders of the cowards I mentioned above......

And So ofcourse up steps who Andrey Schevsjenko
a child who was surrived Chernobyl and who has lived through starvation and deprivation in the USSR.
I am hoping that he might of have gotten spoiled/tarnished/infected by some Italian blood so he will have some emotions in him. But instead I see that look, its the look of proffesionalism, the look of execution, the look a KGB Agent has before he delivers his final lethal headshoot to his pray....
THAT LOOK was in his eyes, by then I knew we were ****ed this guy would not miss....
After all back in 93 as a 20year old he had scored much ore difficult goals for Dynamo against Cruyffs Barcelona...
And in his mind he felt he deserved the WIN!!

The Excecution was like a public excecution
your sitting there hoping the bullets are blank or that the rope will break, but the chance is one to nothing, and ofcourse the bullet isn't blank and the rope is as solid as a rock.....

And so Milan Won

As they should of done
with their white shirts
(can't believe we let them play in them, one shoudln't underestimate the power of superstinsion in a penalty shootout )

Status Quo was preserved we won the Scudetto
Some Team that hadn't been crowned champions in over 4 years still got to play in the 'Cha,pions League' due to commercial interest and in so succeding to defeating us,
the Champions of Italy
but the runners up of Europe

This was a dark page in Juve history it symbolizes us slipping even one title furher away from equalling AC's European record......

But it was Status Quo

Buy on


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Apr 24, 2003
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    I haven't

    it means I am waiting for a more perfect moment
    A win would of concluded a the perfect finishing of a good but stugglesome year for me.......

    but I hope that my loved one
    will support me in this time of greif......

    And look forward towarrds the next final and hope we won't meet
    (Milan, Real M or Dortmund)

    instead hope for
    (Ajax, Barcelona or the eternal losers Internazionale)

    Its nice to know that even though we lost some people lose even worse then us :devil:

    Altough it is at times like these
    I understand the true pain/difficulty of being an Inter supporter.....

    Since they have to go through this nearly every season.....


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    Dec 31, 2000
    I guess if you're afraid to lose, you shouldn't play the game (which sums up our performance today). In other words, losing is part of the game. :(

    But it's a shame your girlfriend has to suffer for this, perhaps you'll find an earlier date and not wait for us to win the CL ;)


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    Sep 9, 2002
    I agree with almost everything Sutnop wrote but i don't understand one thingAfter all back in 93 as a 20year old he had scored much ore difficult goals for Dynamo against Cruyffs Barcelona... Who scored??Sheva?? He never played against Croyff's Barca.I think you meant Van Gal' Barca....
    Oh I can't clam down after the loss.Even the couple of bottles of Ballantine don't help...
    I don't know how Lippi picked the players to make shoot penalties.I just can't get it.How can the player like Montero who rarely makes a shots for a goal can take a penalty in such a moment!??
    Ok,let's forget about Trezege and Zalayeta.They are strikers they have some good touch for a ball.But Montero!!??? He is great Juventino which has a big heart and it's not his mistake for taking it.
    Let's a bit inside the game.Camo didn't play how many had been expecting from him.One good pass for 45 minutes! And this is the man who was considered to fill in the role of Nedved.
    Left wing worked really well.Zambrotta did everything he wanted by himself!Davids was our soul in the midfield.Enough said!

    And now a little bit about Milan.First off I say that I was a huge fan of Carlo Anchelotti few years ago.However,after this season i came to conclusion that this guy is a loser.You may start argueing with me by saying Hello,man.He just won the Champions League for Milan but I say you can win one single game by this boring tacktic but you never win a Scudetto using this an old cattenaccio system.I felt sorry for Milans fans because after this win they would have to watch Carlo being a coach by few more years...He won't win anything more for Milan.Milan has played ANTI-football.

    I should sum it up,the most guilty is not the Trezege,Montero or Zalayeta who never really can make a good penalty shoot.If we add some creative midfielders to squad we'll make final next year.And Milan is gonna be eliminated after second round.

    I hope I didn't make a lot of mistakes by writing all this and everybody understands me....I have to admit the beer really hit the head:sleepy:


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    Mar 6, 2003
    Wel, about the catenaccio thing,,, i have to admit that we played badly, and if juve were at his max, this could be no a problem. The problem was juve, we couldnt reproduce that fantastical madrid game. Maybe, nedved on this game could be the difference.

    At the begining i was thinking that lippi made bad choices, but after reading what he said on an interview......"ok, about the decition on penaltys, i looked in some players, that they were not able to kick the penaltys, because when i was searching for the 5, some of them said things like "ok, ill do it, but ...".

    probably nobody wanted to be made responsible fail a PK. they were too nervous.

    Thuram in an interview confessed that when juve reached the Pks,,, he was with a feeling deep inside that the things will go in the wrong way.

    To tell yo7 the truth, now is useless to complain,

    IMO , milan not won the champions league.......Juventus Loss the champions league


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    Apr 24, 2003
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    its not the fact that my gf suffers... (I mean she could ask too) ;)

    But nuff said about that....

    Scevsenko did play against Cruyff Barca
    Barcelona lost 3-1 in Kiev
    and then almost didn't go through because of a Sheva goal at the Nou Camp

    but managed to turn the game around and win
    When I come to think of it this was way back....

    Koeman and Romario were still playing.....

    As the penalty thing is concerned I still think that Montero was a good choice....

    I mean shooting the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, penalty is easier

    Then the 1st and 5th.......

    Against Ajax we had 3 Defenders and Jugovic shooting the penalties.... then it was obsolute since nobody made a hash of things that time.....
    I think The Penalty takers were Pessoto, Iuliano and another Defender and it worked out just as fine....

    As for Zalayeta he is not a big player
    Maybe he is an oppurtunist at most but surely
    Lippi and Moggi should be able to spot the difference....

    Also Trezeguet for first is a bad choice

    1. Thuram
    2. Biri
    3. Treze
    4. Tachhi
    5. Del Piero

    would of perhaps been better

    I have to heard does words from Thuram before I believe them...


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    Sep 9, 2002
    Barcelona lost 3-1 in Kiev
    I think you mean another Ukrainian striker-Victor Leonenko(who scored twice) I saw that game.Pavel Shkapenko scored another one.I did not see the match at Nou Camp.However, I know the one who scored was Serhiy Rebrov.

    <<I think The Penalty takers were Pessoto, Iuliano and another Defender and it worked out just as fine....
    sorry man,but I have to correct you again...Iuliano did NOT play for Juve that year.Penalty takers were:Ferrara, Pessotto, Padovano, Jugovic.


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    Apr 21, 2003
    Lippi didn't choose the penalty takers; you don't just choose who's more technical, you go for those that are willing and psychologically ready to take a penalty at that moment. Was only surprised Ferrara did not take one like he did in 96.

    The players chose themselves, so they have only themselves to blame and not Lippi.


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    Jul 20, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Zizou ] ++
    Lippi didn't choose the penalty takers; you don't just choose who's more technical, you go for those that are willing and psychologically ready to take a penalty at that moment. Was only surprised Ferrara did not take one like he did in 96.

    The players chose themselves, so they have only themselves to blame and not Lippi.

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