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May 20, 2003
sorry guys
im soooooooooooo sad
i can't even describe how sad i am to see my team
loose for the 3rd time ..

but i think it was lippi's , who made so many mistakes
i think he started the game quit good

but when we come for the player he changed


Zalayeta for davids????? why ? why ? why

i think he should give the chance for DV , as he works
better and harder, we hardly could see Zalayeta ..

also Trezeguet , he was really bad , he couldn't to play one pass right....

and for our bad luck , davids the best player in the match wasn't ok , to finish the game :(

then we come to the penelties , what the hell is this...
i never saw a team shoot as bad as they did....

when i saw montero and Zalayeta , i knew they would miss,,

i think lippi should make it like this...

Del Piero

why montero and Zalayeta????

i never saw them shoot ,

DAMN , i wanna cry

Buy on


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Jul 17, 2002
Montero and Zala was a mistake....hell even Trez since he was having such a bad game....

good job to DP and Biri who were under so much pressure..
Ferrara should have taken it instead of Montero...

If you take a look at the quality of the PKs vs. Ajax, you can see that ours really sucked....Ferrara back then scored.

was Olivera on the bench...i think he could have been a better replacement than Conte....since he playes like Nedved and he would give DP a chance to play more ahead.


Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
Conte did a good game after all, is not his fault.

Well, its true that lippi made some wrong decitions,,,but that is nothing compare to his achievements this year, so we hardly can balme him.


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Mar 26, 2003
i agree today was just not juves day, but we did what we could. bahraini, i agree with your penalty takes, thats exactly what i wanted, but sadly 5 juve players according to lippi didnt want to take penalties, thats why montero and zala took them, but i am proud to see that they had courage to take them. we did well and i congradulate the team. well done milan and maldini. maldini, truly is a magnificent figure in world football.



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Apr 3, 2003
lippi did the worse job.....

cause we deserved it...

and finally we got to penalties....ok.

WHY THE F-U-C-K HE CHOSEN TTTTHHHHEEESSSEEE PLAYERS??????????????????????????????????



Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
there is no point to blame lippi now liliana, so lets look forward and try to surpass this...

anyway, im still shocked.


Mar 30, 2003
Lippi does not pick who takes the penalties the players do.
Conte was brilliant he was th only one on top form and who looked likely to win it for us ......... Davids and buffon were amazing but with our luck dis season of course davids was gonna get injured ( did u reaLLY think that we could play a big game with out some one injured because that has been our luck dis season) Lippi made big mistake putting on zalayeta because d'vaio can play left mid field and zalayeta sucked and so did del piero...... but i praise them for their courage to take the penaltys


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May 1, 2003
I think that Lippi is number one club coach at the moment. I just can't imagine where we would be without him. It was just too difficult task for a human last night - to have your best player suspended and then to see two others picking injuries. Bringing on Zalayeta proved to be a mistake - but no one would have ever remember that had Conte scored on the first minutes of the second half....


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Oct 9, 2002
Following the defeat against Milan, Juventus coach Marcello Lippi coulnd't hide his huge disappointment.

"There were too many negative signs before and during the match" he said, "first Nedved's suspension and then the injuries picked up by Davids and Tudor...Milan started better, and then we suffered those negative episodes. I lost my third final, and maybe now they will start calling me a hurts, because we played some fantastic games during the season, and in the Serie A we proved to be better than Milan".

"The players did what I asked them" Lippi added, "I replaced Camoranesi for a tactical reason".


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Mar 6, 2003
Yeah, i dont know why!!!.

before the barca ganes,, i was very possitive to beat them!!, in the madrid games i was more possitive, because i knew that with all their efforts could win.

But i dont know how.... for thw milan game i was with the same , i dnt know how to say it. I was not htinking to lose, but something was different. Damm

maybe the ned yellow card was the fact.


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Apr 21, 2003
I didn't agree with Lippi's choice of Montero as a LB, but since Lippi has taken so many excellent decisions this season (most of which proved vital - check Zambrotta as LB) we cannot really blame him at all. If it wasn't for some decisions Lippi has taken during the course of the CL this season (putting in Tudor against Deportivo) we probably would have not even made the quarter finals!! How can you call someone a loser when he reaches 4 CL finals in 6 seasons?? A loser is someone who does not even reach the semis or never win a league (ask Inter fans).

And people should stop complaining about Zalayeta's substitution. I don't like him either, but he scored 3 goals in the last 2 games, and was clearly more on form than DV was. Prior to the final, many people over here were saying how bad DV is, and now they're saying he should have entered the match instead of Zalayeta. It's easy to talk afterwards.


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Jul 14, 2002
Alessandro Del Piero has shielded the Juventus Coach from criticism, discussed his future and his role for the Azzurri.

“Even if we lost the Champions’ League Final,” noted the Bianconeri captain, “this has been a great season for the club.”

Del Piero was one of only two Juve players to successfully convert their penalties in the shoot-out with Milan.

“We won the Scudetto and reinforced our position on the European stage after two unimpressive campaigns. Obviously we are all still upset, but it will give us the strength to aim for the trophy next year.”

Marcello Lippi was heavily criticised in the press for his tactics during that Old Trafford Final and there were reports he offered to resign.

“Lippi will stay with us and all together we will try to get the Champions’ League back to Turin,” insisted the forward.

“The criticism was unfair. It’s too easy to use hindsight when something doesn’t go as planned, but I say Lippi did everything he could to help Juve beat Milan.”

Giovanni Trapattoni has revealed that Del Piero will be pushed out wide onto the left flank if he starts against Finland.

“I came here with the intention of playing,” he pointed out, “but this is not club level and all players must accept sitting on the bench at times. As for my position, playing out wide is not a problem.”

Juventus are currently embroiled in contract renegotiations for several star players, including David Trezeguet, Edgar Davids and Del Piero.

“You can never say never in football,” he noted, “but I really don’t think I’ll leave Juventus. There is less money circulating in the sport now and it’s tough to get a transfer if you are on high wages.”

Del Piero is one of the highest paid players in Europe, but admits he is willing to reduce his deal.

“I am not worried about my contract. It is only right that a contract is divided between steady wages and a performance-related percentage of pay.”

Director General Luciano Moggi claimed this week that there would be hardly any new buys making their way to Juventus over the summer.

“Moggi doesn’t always tell the truth,” smiled Del Piero. “I think the club will work wisely on the market without making massive changes to a successful team.”

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