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Jun 16, 2020
We really needed this win. The team, the coach and the fans.

I was so surprised by Pirlo’s decision to use Buffon, and what a night Gigi had unbelievable at his age.

Defensively we stood really well, and when we decided to keep the ball we were sharp and dangerous. Arthur and McKennie were massive today, and Cuadrado is becoming the best in Europe on his position.

I loved the duels De Ligt vs Messi.

It was a great team performance, with high concentration, discipline and grinta. Team is more in balance with Sandro at the left side, resting him against Torino was a wise decision. Hopefully Frabotta will be a worthy backup throughout this season.


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Dec 31, 2002
How many games we suffered in order to enjoy this one.. I just hope it continues.

As for our team - I see no one voted for Arthur (neither did I) BUT, I must give him the credit - He was brilliant!

My ratings:
Buffon 8 - His positioning skills frustrated Barcelona and made everything look easy
A.Sandro 7 - You can see the difference between our wannabe LB to A.Sandro
Bonucci 6.5
Danilo 7 - Played well.
Ramsey 7 - Did well even if I still want an upgrade
Mckennie 8.5 - I gave him that rating because he didnt stop running and was our no`1 player in not letting Barcelona breathe
Arthur 8 - I know some would look at this rating and say I exaggerated but I really think his control and quick passing skills were crucial for this one. His best performance of the season by quite a margin.
Cuadrado 7 - amazing link up with Mckennie for the 2nd goal.
Morata 7 - Didnt score but he definitely played well and he adds a lot to our team`s play.
Ronaldo 7 - Brace of penalties although he earned the first one himself. Aside for this, he had a good team game and his determination was evident.
Chiesa - No rating
Bentancur 7 - Didnt play much but he did well.
Rabiot - No rating
Bernardeschi - No rating but I must complement him for not ruin everything
Dybala - No rating

Pirlo 8.5 - I usually bash him but after this kind of performance its impossible not to complement him for his approach and tactic for this one.

P.S, It doesnt matter much now but I think we should have been awarded a penalty for Pjanic`s handball and Lenglet should have got a second yellow - Not complaining but I am saying the 3-0 was well deserved and we might should even had more..


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Feb 13, 2005
So happy for guys like Buffon and Ronaldo. Destroying these bitches for these guys was immense. Key players for us surely with their experience which means a lot to our younger players.

And that moment our bench was mocking their coach who was complaining to the ref. :lol:

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