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May 6, 2012
He wasnt atheist, he was an anti-theist! (if not misotheist)
There is a difference and this is a politically move/choice, with US at its epicenter, for the obvious reasons.
He chose to be a vessel of this propaganda that expands and abuses public opinion, exactly like the churches did.
He, also took advantage of the "cool factor" it adds, to a liberated from spiritual constraints mind.
Following the trends and being the pawn of influent men, never made anyone a hero...

History will forget him by tomorrow and his stance leaves no place for solace to his beloved ones, in a such a soul-less world, he was livin...
From dust to dust, his circle has ended, his own free will, made a choice to reject God, completely, hopefully for him, he wont be regretting now...
i wonder though, what was the last thing he was thinking of.
How do you manage to make the most retarded comment on every topic?!

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Guys, you should read this. Tbh I knew little of this, I know Hitchens largely for his atheism stuff.

His last essay for Slate:
Greenwald is a disgusting piece of shit.

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