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Aug 26, 2002

It's sad, but not surprising after his hospitalisation the last week. Vittorio Chiusano had cardiac problems, and at 75 years old... it's very regrettable and sad for the Juve family (and Chiusano's of course), but that is life.

RIP Vittorio :frown: .

Chiusano was a big Juventus fan and had been an important link between the club and the FIAT organisation- acting as the official intermediary between the club and the Agnelli family.

In latter years- his position was one of formal represenation though, and apart from the feeling of mourning- this has little impact on the club, as Chiusano had always been a figurehead rather than an integral part of the club and it's history (to my knowledge).

I don't know what the club is going to do now about the Presidency.



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Aug 28, 2002
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    He was Juve president since 1990, when Bonipereti resigned.
    Yes, he was more in an formal charge than in an active one...
    Rip Vittorio :down:


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    Jul 12, 2002
    Juventus mourn President Chiusano Thursday 31 July, 2003


    Just months after patron Gianni Agnelli’s death, Juventus are mourning President Vittorio Chiusano.

    Chiusano was taken to a private clinic due to cardiac problems earlier this week and his condition deteriorated overnight.

    The club confirmed he died in Turin at 7pm local time this evening. Chiusano was 75 years of age.

    Born in Turin on August 5 1928, the lawyer was at the helm of the Bianconeri since 1990.

    Soon after his appointment in place of Gianni Boniperti, the legendary figure was able to celebrate the UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia.

    His opening Scudetto party was held in ’95 and was the first of five Italian titles he would watch Juventus conquer.

    The crowning achievements of Chiusano’s era were the 1996 Champions’ League, European Supercup and Intercontinental Cup in ’97.

    Well known for his kindness and good humour when speaking with the press, Chiusano had close links to Turin newspaper ‘La Stampa’ and was vice-president of the publication from 1985 to 1999.



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    Jul 12, 2002
    Very sad. I remember hearing lots of stuff about him. He seemed like a real character with lots of love for the club.

    RIP Chiusano


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    Dec 13, 2002
    I'm shocked! :shocked: and of course very sad.

    Bettega said there was nothing to worry about. His visit to the hospital was just to do a check-up before he went on vacation... unfortunately that wasn't true... :down:

    This is indeed a great loss for Juventus. :down:

    May he rest in peace.


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    Feb 4, 2003
    Juventus chairman Vittorio Chiusano died Thursday. He was 74.

    Last week he was hospitalized for heart problems.

    Chiusano became the Bianconeri's chairman in 1990.

    He was long close to the Agnelli family, who lost their most representative member earlier this year when the 'Avvocato' Giovanni Agnelli passed away.
    This is the live. everybody belongs to that dark soil, it doesn't mater if you are rich or poor. I guess this is fair.

    Rest in Peace...

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