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Jun 4, 2009
Lichtsteiner from 2011-2014 was one of my favourite players man. What a an absolute animal! Loved his style so much.
It was a lot Fyn back then, cause we were not among the best back then and stood no chance winning the trophy. The pure grinta was so fun to watch, but it also got annoying cause we needed more than grinta from defense and midfield to step up (our attcking options were so bad back then)

It changed under Allegri, but we also lost that midfield grinta. It made us a serious CL contender, though.

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Oh. And the forum was on fire back then :lol2:


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Dec 31, 2002
I know Barcelona just won 5-2 but I'm not feeling them or Real this year....for now.
They are about to sign Neymar so you`ll start feeling them soon..

I think our team will win again in Italy but Im not too confident about Europe..
I see Barcelona and Liverpool as better fit to win it
Barcelona despite their defense are going to get Neymar so unless we pull out 2017 defense on them it will be very tough to stop them..
Liverpool are currently playing the best football IMO - They apply pressure + playing smart - Klopp has done wonders with them..

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