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Apr 3, 2003
++ [ originally posted by baggio ] ++
If he aimed to win something, it should be the CL not the scudetto.... at least thats what everyone at the club seems to want
i think capello must slow down a little.
ok,i think we can win both too,but...we can't ask from juve to do everything perfect.

lets have an eye on CL this year more than scudetto....


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Dec 24, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Desmond ] ++

this team has done well so far but we could still end up trophyless at the end of the season if we don't keep our feet on the ground and let the hype get to our heads.
I know this post is real old by desmond but when i read it kinda reminded me of something really frustrating. i am from saudi arabia and i am al-ittihad club supporter over here..well over here in saudi arabia we have a really stupid leauge system...well 12 teams battle out in a home-away system like any leauge...and then just to "add to the exitement"...the 4th plays the 3rd on the 3rds turf...then the winner plays the second on the 2nds turf...and then the winner plays the winner for the leauge title!!

well last season al-ittihad finished first undefeated, alshabab the 2nd was about 10 points behind...but qualified to the final and played us and won 0-1....and we lost the title...just because of one F***** match....HOW FRUSTRATING!!!

anyways i just wanted to share our stupid system with u guys...and express my frustration!!


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Oct 27, 2004
I really want both CL and Serie A title, but it's more likely that we win Serie A. In Europe, we have Inter, Milan, Barca, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man Utd, Bayern München in our way. It's really tough!


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Oct 1, 2004
Trap backs Juve and Milan Thursday 30 December, 2004


Former Italy Coach Giovanni Trapattoni believes that Lo Scudetto is a two-horse race between Juventus and Milan.

The former Italy Coach believes that, despite Silvio Berlusconi’s resignation as Milan President, the Rossoneri will be Juve’s main rivals for the remainder of the season.

“Nothing will change,” claimed the current Benfica Coach. “Recently the technical decisions were left up to Adriano Galliani and Carlo Ancelotti anyway. Berlusconi will continue to be Milan. He redesigned the way we look at Italian football in modern times.”

With regards to the title race, Trap believes that Milan, along with Juventus, are superior to the rest of the challengers.

“Juventus remind me of my Inter squad in 1989,” continued Trap. “They are efficient, concrete and solid. They are covered in every role. The Rossoneri, meanwhile, play an attractive football and have a set style of play. They are the current champions.

“The Nerazzurri, meanwhile, are behind because they keep changing. They couldn’t maintain the pace of the top two and so they looked for other solutions.

“Experimenting doesn’t help with the continuity, but it will help for the future. Let’s not forget Roberto Mancini is only in his first season at Inter.”



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Oct 1, 2004
Moggi wants Milan rematch Thursday 30 December, 2004


Juve struggled against the Rossoneri this month and lost in 2003, but Luciano Moggi hopes to meet Milan in the Champions’ League Final.

“I would like to face them again in Istanbul on May 25,” said the Turin giants’ director general. “It would be our chance for revenge after our Old Trafford defeat and of course a triumph for Italian football. It’s never nice to lose a trophy on penalties.”

Marcello Lippi was still in charge when Juventus lost the shoot-out in 2003, a defeat that evidently still stings the Bianconeri’s consciousness.

To clash in Europe would be a crowning achievement for both clubs, but in the meantime it’s almost certain the Scudetto is now a two-horse race between them.

“I don’t think any other team could possibly break back into it now,” added Moggi, “even if the season still has a long way to go and many obstacles to encounter.”

Their disappointing performance in the 0-0 draw with Milan before the Christmas break led newspapers to claim there will be massive changes in the squad over the January period.

“I was very satisfied with our overall show in 2004,” insisted the transfer guru. “Nobody will be signed next month, as we already have four or five strikers available. However, we have received requests for Nicola Legrottaglie, Igor Tudor and Mark Iuliano.”

It’s widely believed that Legrottaglie will join his former Chievo mentor Gigi Del Neri at Roma, possibly in exchange for an option on Milan target Cristian Chivu.


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