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Apr 3, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Arif ] ++
it is a two horse race since the start of the season. you didn't expect inter or roma to win the scudetto, did you?
actually i am still very interested who will end up third and fourth.

everyone seems to be fighting hard for those places,as the first is ours and the second one milan's

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Oct 1, 2004
The teams that reached 3rd and 4th r rather unpredictable. Teams that 4 ranked 3rd to 19th stand a chance. Who knows that Lecce would be 3rd after the season is over.


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Aug 25, 2002
We definitely see that Juve and Milan are the best in Italy!!

I was sure of that before the season. Every season somebody says that Inter and Roma are very dangerous, but they always suck!!!


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Nov 2, 2004
Roma got a better performance last year than us, but we all know they will have a tough season this year with Capello, Emerson and Samuel leaving.

Inter always got a good squad but has been underachieving for many years ;)


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Mar 16, 2004
I wonder what the highest number of draws have been alloted in one season by any club. Right now Inter is on pace for about 30.


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Andy ] ++
I wonder what the highest number of draws have been alloted in one season by any club. Right now Inter is on pace for about 30.
they already have as many as we did in one entire season two years ago:D
Aug 1, 2003
two horse race doesnt sound appealing but it does remain competitive because, well, milan is a competitive team. and a damn good one too.

but seeing that we're just coming into the month of december, and we're sort of miles ahead of other teams, i wouldnt be as to yet so confident its just between milan and juve. if my memory does not deceive me, juventus was once 6th in the table with a big gap compared to the league leaders, and at the end of the day juventus came out as champions.


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Jul 12, 2002
that's the main idea-not to let anything get to our heads.

this team has done well so far but we could still end up trophyless at the end of the season if we don't keep our feet on the ground and let the hype get to our heads.


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Mar 16, 2004
The only time I "fear" Inter is when we are playing them. This because in every other match they strap timed bombs to their backs.


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May 14, 2004

Nesta fears only Juventus
Thursday 2 December, 2004

Alessandro Nesta believes the Scudetto race is strictly a two-horse affair between Milan and Juventus.

"I find the confrontation between the two clubs fascinating. They have always been our main rivals since my arrival here," said the Rossoneri stopper.

"We’ve faced each other in many battles and we’ve been successful on numerous occasions, even if they‘ve picked up the odd victory.

"At this moment in time, Juventus and Milan are the two strongest sides in the Division. It just remains to be seen who will come out on top this time.

"Inter? They can get back into the Scudetto race because they are a great side. However, they’ll need to put together a string of positive results."

Juventus currently have a four point lead over the San Siro giants, but there have been signs in recent weeks that Milan are getting back to their best.

"We are like a diesel given that it may take us a little while before we really get going," he added. "Despite the fact that we are not playing at our best yet, we are still up there."

Milan will hope to cut the gap even further on Saturday but face a tricky trip to Alberto Gilardino’s Parma.

"It won’t be my job to mark Gilardino because the whole defence will have to keep an eye on him," noted Nesta.

"Parma are certainly a good side, one who are a lot better than their current League position suggests. It will be a tough game."


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Aug 30, 2004

"Pensavo solo al campionato
ma possiamo vincere tutto"
"My only aim was the league but at this point we can win everything"

TORINO, 2 dicembre 2004 - Tutti attaccano la Juve, e persino lui per molti anni non ne ha "parlato bene" tanto che c'era il timore che le dichiarazioni da anti-juventino convinto, potessero far saltare presto lo strano matrimonio celebrato quest'estate tra Fabio Capello e la Vecchia Signora.

Cosi' non e' stato, "Don Fabio" ha subito conquistato tutti e ora, dopo i primi 5 mesi, da tecnico della Juve, fa un bilancio e rivela: "I nostri obiettivi? All'inizio io pensavo di puntare o allo scudetto o alla Champions, ora credo che possiamo fare bottino pieno, se non ci solpisce la sfortuna".
"Our targets? At the beginning I thought we should aim either at the league title or at the Champions. At this point I see we could take everything, if bad luck does not hit us."

Capello parla anche della societa' e del suo rapporto con i dirigenti. "Ho scoperto una societa' composta di persone competenti e di grandi professionisti: i trionfi bianconeri si spiegano solo cosi' (chiaro riferimento al processo Juve). Mancano molto i fratelli Agnelli, ma il gruppo e' compatto. C'e' Moggi, una persona piacevole, un grande lavoratore, ha tre telefonini risponde a tutti, non stacca mai. In squadra lo metterei a centrocampo, a smistare il gioco, come Emerson. Giraudo, invece, e' il classico centromediano, deve avere tutti davanti per capire da dove arrivano i pericoli e rintuzzarli contrattaccando".

Dei suoi giocatori dice: "Se a Madrid ci sono i galattici, noi siamo i "compatti". Ho giocatori equilibrati, gente come Trezeguet ed Ibrahimovic e' destinata a diventare sempre piu' importante. Uno come Nedved non l'ho mai allenato: a tenerlo fermo lo si violenta. Ma la dote migliore della mia squadra e' l'equilibrio: migliorandola del 2% sarebbe perfetta". Infine il 2-2 con l'Inter. "A Milano ci hanno fregato gli ole': io lo chiamo il momento del 'coglione'".


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Jun 3, 2003
If he aimed to win something, it should be the CL not the scudetto.... at least thats what everyone at the club seems to want


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Nov 1, 2004
++ [ originally posted by baggio ] ++
If he aimed to win something, it should be the CL not the scudetto.... at least thats what everyone at the club seems to want
I want both.

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