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Dec 12, 2012
Every coach will be driven out by player mafia at Bayern eventually, even the best ones like Niko
:lol: thx for the laughter

Thank god the players intervened to get rid of that incompetent fraud.

They want a real coach and hopefully the dumb fool Salihamidzic is not making another terrible mistake with his next 'analysis'.

Kovac to Dortmund would be the next car crash for Dortmund, but just to see the face of Hummels...


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Feb 17, 2016
Speaking of frauds, did he go out against Real Madrid 5-0 on aggregate with a team that has won the CL just one season before?
Never said Pep wasn't a fraud, that CL exit against Real Madrid as reigning champions is something I'll never forgive him. Going out? no problem as you can't defend the CL title 9 out of 10 times, but the way we did it was the most humiliating way as treble winners and thinking how we conquered Europe with Heynckes the year before.

But with that said is he still not as big a fraud as Kovac, Pep's honours speaks for themselves even if I don't like him. Kovac humiliated Bayern on a weekly basis against minnows, at least did Pep only get humiliated against the big clubs in Europe.
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