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Feb 9, 2013
He won't sit on the bench. He'll be in the stands recovering from a long term injury :boh::p
I don't know, man. The guy has small injuries often, but he hasn't had any disastrous, miss an entire season type of injuries. Closest was 16-17.

He's played over 2000 minutes in every single season from 2011-12 until now.

11-12: 3160'
12-13: 2692'
13-14: 2724'
14-15: 2918'
15-16: 3134'
16-17: 2016'
17-18: 2466'

And in the first half of this season: 1309'

He misses time, obviously, and it looks like he's never going to be that 50 match in all competitions type player at 3500'. But he's pretty damn consistent in that range of 2500-3000 minutes a season, with only 16-17 being an outlier. Hard to reconcile this with the idea he's never fit.


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Apr 25, 2013
Is there a homegrown CM out there who's good enough to be our 6th option?

Someone better than Sturaro, worse than Marchisio and happy to sit on the bench for us.

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