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Apr 25, 2013
I would've never brought back Bonucci. he is our defensive liability.
In a 3man defence could be acceptable as he was our playmaker but not in a 2man difence.

We'll absoloutely need a proper and reliable cb.
I'd steal Koulibaly or Skriniar but Inter and Napoli would ask too much.
Everyone want De Ligt but 19years and gonna cost at least 50m.
What's the other options?
Milenkovic and supposedly Joachim Andersen.

Bonucci-Chiellini was a very good partnership. People have such short memories.

Anyone who thinks Dybala should be traded with James or sold deserve every adjective @Bianconero81 hurls at you.


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Apr 17, 2013
Dream on


Sandro chiello bonu cancelo

Buy: ndombele pogba new cb for 4th pos.
Sell: can khedira benatia
Sub: mandzu berna cuadrado kean bettencur matuidi rugani mds Perrin.


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Dec 31, 2002
I think we will sell Rugani in the summer while we get De Ligt with his money
Pogba might arrive
A.Sandro is the big question stay or go it seems 50-50 right now...

I predict this:
4-3-3 Polak;A.Sandro Chiellini Bonucci Cancelo; Matuidi/Can Pogba Rabiot; Dybala D.C/Mandz/Bern;Ronaldo
Bought: De Ligt,Pogba, CF young sub,Jabroni, Rabiot (January as we have some injuries)
Sold: Pjanic Rugani Higuain Pjaca+Stu (another loan for both)
and maybe just maybe a loan+option for James but this is more unlikely than likely


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Sep 1, 2017
Szczesny, Perin

Central Defenders
Bonucci, Chiellini, Rugani, Milenković

Cancelo, Sandro, Spinazzola, De Sciglio

Central Midfielders
Pjanic, Can, Matuidi, Bentancur, Rabiot, Eriksen

Ronaldo, Dybala, Costa, Bernardeschi, Cuadrado, Kean

Milenković - 50m
Rabiot - free
Eriksen - 100m

Higuain - 36m
Khedira - 20m
Benatia - 20m
Mandzukic - 20m
Sturaro - 10m
Pjaca - 10m
Barzagli - retire


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Jul 26, 2007
what kind of charity has 20m to spare for a lucky charm? Mario also is leaving on a gentleman agreement if he's leaving (and he's probably not), been too much of a loyal warrior for us to casually cash in on him from some chinese club


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Apr 25, 2013

Out: Benatia, Barzagli, Khedira, Sturaro
In: de Ligt, de Jong, free CM

And have to replace Mandzo if he doesn't extend. Other than that, would be very satisfied with the above.

Don't need a designated 5th CB as both de Jong and Can can play there. De Ligt might choose us if we sign his bff, who seems not too shabby himself.

If we need money (we wouldn't for the above Higuain sale permitting), sell Pjanic.


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Feb 21, 2015


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Feb 21, 2015
Pjanic and Bentancur both win more balls than Matuidi though :lol3:

But ofcourse people that miss half our games dont notice this :lol3:
Inb4 alpha-male Pavluska calls you snowflake, sjw or cisgender. Words he just heard about, and now uses all the time, without even knowing what they actually mean. He'll then proceed to end his post with "lol" :lol3:

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