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Jul 18, 2014
He's my pessimistic but realistic prediction:


Raul Jimenez is bought with Bernardeschi and Rugani going the other way
Montiel is bought from River Plate as an exchange deal with Higuain
Matuidi is sold to Lyon with Aouar coming the other way
Arthur-Pjanic trade deal
Rabiot, Danilo, De Sciglio, and Romero are sold for plusvalenza
Locatelli and Allan in as midfield reinforcements
I couldn't think of a good backup striker
Get Fabio on the phone, this is decent!
Nice rejuvenation in midfield and balancing of assets in swaps


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Jun 9, 2012
Yeah, forget about Pogba.

Juve will need to get someone else though. I mean, Arthur - Pjanic swap won't be enough.

Next season midfield:
Arthur - Bentancur - ?

now the question is: who would fit here and how does Juve get him? :D


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Sep 1, 2017
Arthur is our destined DPL, a player who specializes in ball retention and ball progression from deep positions.

Bentancur is our RCM. A player with terrific work rate and good technique.

What we need for our third midfielder (the LCM) is a box-to-box midfielder who can score goals. Ramsey works for that role but he’s always injured. Matuidi is too limited. Pogba would be ideal but he is a dream.

What realistic (and cheap) options are there?


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Sep 5, 2018
I like Pogba but it should be 70+ mil transfer fee and he has to decrease his salary to come here. Savic just renewed and probably not possible. Aouar is the most realistic but also Allan where you can place him at the regista and play Arthur further. But first we have to get rid of Khedira and Matudi/Rabiot then buy the missing third starting midfielder and look around for fb and cf.


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Jun 4, 2016
Hopefully this summer will be one of rebuilding and filling in gaps instead of previous summers of sidesteps. I adore how teams like Liverpool hold on to their talents and just improve their weaknesses with solid world class players instead of swapping around players and fucking around with the team cohesion. Last summer all we needed was a real world-class box-to-box mid. Instead we ended up signing half-decent bosman mids and significantly weakening our full-backs by selling off Spazzolino and Cancelo with no real replacements. Probably my most hated outward transfer in recent years is surprisingly Spazzolino, since he was a homegrown Italian FB who could work both flanks with ease and real forward thought. Oh well....

All we need this summer is a worldie box-to-box mid and solid full-backs on both sides IMO and keeping our star players while offloading dead weight. Sandro, De Shitlio, Khedira and Rabiot need to go. In place we should target:

Midfield: Kante/SMS/Pogba = ~90-120mil. This is a big one. At least 50mil of that transfer fee should be covered by selling off both Rabiot and Khedira, maybe even all of that fee if we sell off Berna since we already acquired Kulu to cover his position pretty much perfectly. I wouldn't mind, since we've been looking for someone like Vidal ever since he left.

RB: Pereira/Pavard/Dumfries= ~30-60mil. At least some of that fee should be covered by selling off De Shitlio (depends on the player). Shame Hakimi and Meunier are off the books, I would've gone for them first obviously. Cuadrado is surprisingly amazing at his current new position, so a promising understudy like Dumfries wouldn't be too bad of an option, since its hard to find anyone better than Cuads at the moment at RB for a reasonable price. However, we need someone who can fill in his place when needed and establish themselves as the future #1 RB in the team in the future.

LB: Alaba/Gosens/Guerreiro/Hernandez. Pretty much all of their fees should be covered by selling off Sandro as he is valued quite high. Sandro has kept on regressing for several seasons and offers nothing aside from relative solidity in terms of relatively few injuries. Many might argue, but I'd say to Sandro: too little, too late.

That's all we really need, no need to fuck up the team more since Arthur is already replacing Pjanic. Higuain can stay as a back-up for one more year as Dybala has finally found his place as a CF working alongside Ronaldo I hope. If we manage to find some more money after my fantasy transfers, then go ahead and sign a striker in place of Higgy but IMO all we need is these three great players to sew this jigsaw together for a real balanced run at all competitions for the next couple of years til Ronny retires and Buffon evolves into his next stage of immortability.

Edit: And here's my XI, all considered to be available within a relatively low budget and all seem to have a great player to fight for their position which is always ideal:

--Pereira/Cuads----Bonucci/Demiral----De Ligt/Chiellini---Alaba/Pellegrini--


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Dec 19, 2003
and if they really need cash and use A. Sandro then Tagliafico would be my pick. Alaba too would be nice. Palmieri less but it seems we like him.

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