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The Real MC
Jul 30, 2006
IMO the best parts are when he mentions his neighbour(3 times, beginning, mass, end), the ice cream van in the park and then the bear comes in the window when all the children come and the rodeo part

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Aug 1, 2002
Unequal in quality. Unsurprisingly most of the sex-scatalogical associated stuff just did not bring anything worthwhile to the movie, although I'll admit a bit of that was so sick (yeah, I'm thinking of the 69th) it became funny and you'd tell yourself okay, why the f*ck not?

Then, there's the subtle - not so much at times - satire upon some typical ways of thinking of retarded Westerners and Sascha Cohen scores there !!! He manages to expose some them in broad daylight (provided they're not actors themselves obviously).

I did laugh a lot at the way he harangued that crowd at the Rodeo Show.

I also enjoyed his encounter with a bunch of feminists which he ends up scandalizing. Loved the sequence in which he requests the assistance of a fine American lady in order to decipher what is convenient to do when hosting guests at home. "Should I show family pictures?" LOL.

But what I most liked were the anti-semitic jokes. The release of Jews in what looks like a corrida, Borat later throwing in horror dollars bills at cockroaches who he thinks are his Jew guests, the 9/11 attacks 'credited' to the Jews. Ain't nothing sweeter than self-derision. Btw - I went to see the movie along with Jew friends and they all laughed hysterically so I'm assuming it's teh sign it did not go overboard.


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May 14, 2004
I didn't expect it to be any good, but after reading Mik's posts I decided to give it a go. And god I laughed!! It's really good.


The Real MC
Jul 30, 2006
everyone knows that he is just joking. I could never take a film personally. like the Da Vinci code really didnt affect my outlook on religion!

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