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Aug 10, 2017
The analysis of seized documents and the statements of some witnesses have highlighted other off-balance sheet debts. Cherubini, heard on 29/11/21, says that there was a "€6-7 million debt with Atalanta" that would wasn't registered. [CorSera)

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Feb 12, 2006
I keep reading on FI that relegation is a very real possibility. Tell me it isn't so. In 2006, I was 20 and I persevered but at 37 I don't think I can survive.
That's only the case if Juve were found to medle with the finances in order to register club for the season, so far there's no suggestion this ever happened. It's just anti Juve FI and idiots like lord allegri posting on there trying to strike fear.
Aug 2, 2005
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It would fit to assume that the FIGC/Prosecutor closed the plusvalenza case against all club once they found things to incriminate Juve alone (book cooking)

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