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Nov 25, 2005
He's turning 33, got nothing more to add to his game and this Paratici madness of renewing players with no potential value needs to stop.

Not only no team want these players, but if an offer arrives and the other team cannot outwage us, they will prefer to sit on their contract.
I don't mind if there is no salary increase and if he's deemed a depth player. Otherwise, thanks but no thanks.
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Sep 1, 2017
I don't want him out. He's not the problem. Surround him with creative players and he'll free them up with his workrate. That ain't helping much if you have Sami, Berna and/or Bentancur next to him though...
That’s why we should aim to sign a player who has close to similar workrate and better ability on the ball.

As long as Matuidi plays LCM, our left side will continue to be predictable and easy to defend against. Ronaldo can’t dribble anymore either and Sandro is not that great going forward. It’s a nightmare combination.

Honestly, I would have loved Barella here. A player with immense workrate who can actually play football.

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