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Jan 24, 2007

I missed the game (@Lion) how was he at LB?
He was ok. Defensive fullback. He will be fine when we play him there 3 to 4 games a season. Should def not play there in big games though.

spal were crap and they didn't threaten at all so a bit hard to say how he would cope against fast and technical wingers.

Him and cuadrado are absolutely vital to the team and I'm scared they are both going to burn out from how much they have to play

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Jul 27, 2015
Did fine against Spal, reliable and defensively solid, as expected considering the level of the opponent who have barelly asked any questions of him.

The real test will likely come when he’ll be needed there in a much tougher fixture against a team with proper atackers who can actually threaten us from the wings, hopefully tho we won’t be needing to improvise by then and AS or at the very least MdS will be fit to fill in so we can use Blaise in his natural position, a vital one for us during complicated games given his endless stamina and pressing ability.


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Nov 24, 2005
He frustrates me sometimes but you cannot fault his workrate. Dude was pressing those poor Leverkusen players like a possessed beast in the 90th minute.

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