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May 31, 2001
#4 (official page of the fighters) (pics, chants, links, ...) (the official page of an italian fanmag - sadly they write quite negative about Juventus) (pics, pics, pics ...)

here are two texts about the fighters and the irriducibili valette ...

fighters ...

Black and White Fighters Gruppo Storico 1977



Black and White Fighters Gruppo Storico 1977 is the oldest and most popular supporterclub among Juventus fans. They currently have about 1200 members. It all started a long time ago. The Ultras club was founded in 1977, among the supporters of the Curva Filadelfia in the leggendary Stadio Comunale. One of the key men behind the foundation was a man called Beppe Rossi, that's why we can see his name on a banner in the Stadio Delle Alpi. The Ultras called themselves "Fighters" and it was the start of ten years of glory in Turin and stadiums around the world. Especially spectacular was the “war” between Juve and Torino fans, every derby was a race against time to decorate the stadium with flags and banners.

It was other times, fights against rival fans were daily matters especially against "I Granata", the Torino fans. In 1987 the group decided to split after a horrible away match in Firenze against the storical enemy Fiorentina. That day everything went wrong: fights, arrests, accusations, and severe problems with the law. After many discussions the group found themselves forced to split and some members of the old "Fighters" founded a new supportergroup called “Arancia Meccanica” which means Clockwork Orange in Italian. The name was taken from the leggendary Stanley Kubrick movie. There soon were other problems, because the name was found inappropriate and violent since it was referring to the movie, and the group had to change name another time.

This time they called themselves “Drughi” and this group lasted for many years. In 1993 about hundred fans from La Curva Scirea,who thought the cheering was bad and only thought of one historic name “Fighters”, decided to restart the leggendary group in the new Stadio Delle Alpi. La Curva Scirea was at that time composed by many groups. The biggest one was “Drughi”, but there were other groups as well as “La Vecchia Guardia”, “Area Bianconera” and “Drughi kaos”. After many arguments with the leading group “Drughi”, who wouldn’t have the banner “Fighters” in the middle of La Curva Scirea, “Fighters decided to move their banner on “Drughi”’s right side, moving “La Vecchia Guardia” on “Drughi”’s left side.

The first years there was a decent increase in number of members, before the subscriptions and the interest of joining the club took off following the good results of Juventus in the 1996/97 season. In 1997 right after Juvetus lifted the Champions League trophy in Rome, "Fighters", "Drughi" and the other minor groups decided after many discussions to unite the groups in one big supporterclub. The new name which satisfied all the groups is the current “Black and White Fighters Gruppo Storico 1977”. All this exactly 20 years after the birth of “Fighters”. This banner now decorates La Curva Scirea in the Delle Alpi stadium.

"Fighters" has since then been divided into different sections according majorly on where their from. Normally most of their members are from Turin. Every section have their own banner, but always with the "Fighters" logo on it. The logo is composed of a tricolore flame, a helmet and an english key. "Fighters" have decided to always be present home and away at every Juventus game. The prove of this was last seasons feared and postponed away match against Galatasaray. Due to the hate and rage against italians following the arrest of Ocalan, the Italian government and the club didn't allow Juve fans to take the trip to Istanbul. The Juventus team was guarded by 20.000 police and military men, but a group of Ultras from "Fighters" travelled anyway and went to see the match. Fortunately and surprisingly they were treated very well and didn't even have to pay for the tickets!

"Fighters" have good relationships with the club and especially with the players who often come an visit them in their hang out place in Turin, "Caffè Black and White". The 9 of january '99 the group gave Antonio Conte a special present which he was particulary emotioned by. The evidence of him beeing the captain. On it it is written "Senza di te non andremo lontano, Antonio Conte il nostro capitano". In the middle there is the "Fighters" logo and Conte has used it every match since then. The group isn't particulary happy about the Stadio Delle Alpi and their only friendship with rival fans are with Piacenza. Juve and Piacenza fans have had a friendship for thrree years now, and they often go and see each other matches to support their friends.
Irriducibili Valette ...

The other big supportergroup of Juventus is "Irriducibili Vallette" who are placed in La Curva Nord at the other end of the stadium from where "Fighters" are placed. "Irriducibili Vallette" were founded in 1990 and are a very organized supportergroup. They come from Vallette which is a place in Turin. In january'98 they replaced "Viking" and took over the leadership in La Curva Nord.

"Viking" were split because of internal problems and trouble over stolen banners. "Viking" were the most radical, feared and most political supportergroup of Juve ever and was founded from boys in Milano. They later got allied with N.A.B, a supportergroup with members from Genova and Pavia. They also got much of the credit for "the big revolution" among Juventus fans. A revolution which contributed to make the atmosphere in the stadium better.

"Irriducibili Vallette" have the ambition of becoming the best supportergroup of Italy, they also promise that their banner will be present wherever Juve will play. Their symbol is a hand holding around the world. Just as "Fighters" also "Irriducibili" are divided into sections. Two from Switzerland,"Zurigo" and "Lugano", along with "Ponente", "Marche" and "Milano" from Italy. The group has said no to politics and they have a own fanzine named "Numero Uno".

Their slogan:

Irriducibili siamo la curva nord
sempre presenti dove giocate voi
il nostro motto è Bianconeri ale
Bianconeri ale Bianconeri ale
I hope that I could help you.

Here the most impressive pic I know ... :cool:


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