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Nov 16, 2001
Which is the best attack Juventus has ever had?

92/93: Baggio – Casiraghi - Di Canio – Ravanelli - Vialli
Juventus bought Vialli for an enormous amount of money, 25 million dollars. He played really good but Ravanelli was the big surprise. Casiraghi and Di Canio did not succeed. No need to say anything about Baggio

93/94: Baggio – Ban - Del Piero – Ravanelli - Vialli
Ban was a flop but Del Piero scored five goals in eleven games and was a big success.

94/95: Baggio - Del Piero – Grabbi – Ravanelli - Vialli
This was a great year for Ravanelli, Vialli and Del Piero. Baggio had problems with Lippi and was sold to Milan.

95/96: Del Piero – Padovano – Ravanelli - Vialli
Only great players. Though Juventus often played with a three man attack we only had four attackers.

96/97: Amoruso – Boksic - Del Piero – Padovano - Vieri
Del Piero spent most of his time on the bench but the two youngsters Amoruso played great with a lot of help from Zidane.

97/98: Amoruso - Del Piero – Fonseca – Inzaghi - Zalayeta
After selling Vieri to Athletico Madrid(?) Juventus bought Inzaghi from Atalanta who ws the topscorer during the 96/97 season. Inzaghi scored many goals but the best player was Del Piero, he scored over 20 goals maybe he was the best player in the world this year.

98/99: Amoruso - Del Piero – Esnaider – Fonseca – Henry - Inzaghi
Del Piero was injured early this season and the board decided to buy Esnaider who turned out to be a flop and Henry who was sold to Arsenal during the summer. This was probably the worst year during this period.

99/00: Del Piero – Esnaider – Fonseca – Inzaghi - Kovacevic
Del Piero played like **** but Kovacevic was great and Inzaghi did what he had to do.

00/01: Del Piero – Fonseca – Inzaghi – Kovacevic - Trezeguet
DP, Inzaghi, Kovacevic and Trezeguet are today among the twenty best attackers in my opinion. A fantastic attack but the fact is that there were too many good names so at least one of them had to be sold, it ended up with that Inzaghi, Kovacevic and Fonseca left the club.

01/02: Amoruso - Del Piero – Salas – Trezeguet - Zalayeta
Last seasons attack was great but it consisted of only two players, Del Piero and Trezeguet. Zalayeta played well when he got the chance, Salas and Amoruso didn't.

02/03: Del Piero - Di Vaio – Salas – Trezeguet - Zalayeta
There are some impressive names but just like last year only only two of them has played really well. Still there is much left of this season.

So which one was the best of these attacks?

I'd say 2000/2001 or 1995/1996.

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Dec 20, 2002
I'd say 97/98. It was an era when Juve shone all throughout Europe. And Del Piero was hammering goalkeepers with shots that found the net...

Was that the year DP scored a spectacular volley against Barthez in the CL against Monaco? For me, that was one of his best goals ever...


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Dec 13, 2002
In terms of fully expressing their true potential and achievement, I've gotta rate the 95/96 attack ... those 4 boys out there had almost everything you'd want in an attack.

96/97 was excellent although lacking in goals.

00/01 is a superstar-studded list that never lived up to it.


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Oct 16, 2002
I would definitely rate the 95/95 season becoz everyone played to their potential. 97/ 98 is second best for me (mostly becoz it was DP's year).


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Jul 17, 2002
I liked 95/96 because it seemed like everyone scored and Juve looked like an extremley organized team all around.

Though i like the 97/98 because of DP's success(the kit also made juve look good ;) ).

00/01 is not too great. On Paper, they all looked great. Though DP didn't have a good year. Kova wasn't that great but he scored. didn't fit in till the end of the season. Inzaghi wasn't at his best because he knew that his starting place was in danger.
Though juve did seem like a solid team MOST OF THE TIME. It's shame that the first thing i think of from that season was the flying red cards in the 2 match process of crashing out of the CL. Add to that watching Roma tie Juve 2-2 :fero: .


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Dec 20, 2002
[++ originally posted by Majed ++]

does anyone have that goal for me to DL ???(i dont remeber it, therefor, i must not have seen it!!)
It's a sciccors kick from a cross. It was spectacular! try going to and download the video in their video archive. They have most of Juve's goals starting from 95/96 season on all tournaments.

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