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Jul 19, 2003
Why the hell does he continue to play? Does he ever learn? I've watched highlights of 2 matches for him within the last 4 days and his off-line positioning caused Marseille to concede 3 goals and lose both matches, one of which knocked them out from the French league cup.

He's truly an idiot. How much experience does he need to realize that what he's doing is not working......especially given how short he is.

Anyone has a clue why he's been selected for Marseille and the French NT? Share your thoughts.

This'll probably be locked, but I had to share.

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Apr 22, 2003
Because he had a good tournament 6 years ago :lazy: This could've done in the Ligue 1 thread, but it's not really breakin any rules :)


Sep 23, 2003
That's a pretty harsh assessment of Chimenti. Afterall, there were matches in the Coppa Italia last season where he was clearly the best guy on the pitch.


Alex Del Mexico
May 7, 2004
well, ive only ever seen one coppa game. the only game i remember with chimenti are ones in which we had alot of goals against us. somehow i just dont feel secure when he's in goal for juve, probably because he looks 60 years old


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Jan 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by nosubstitute959 ] ++
This'll probably be locked, but I had to share.
I don't see why.

Barthez, on form, is a great keeper. :strong:
Barthez, off form, is a clown. :fool:


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Apr 22, 2003

Frey Replaces Barthez For Poland Friendly
11/16/2004 4:35:00 AM

Parma's French goalkeeper Sebastian Frey has been called in to take the place of goalkeeper Fabien Barthez ahead of France's friendly with Poland.
The Marseille goalkeeper came out of a weekend match against Strasbourg with a knock to his right knee.

The 24-year old Frey has performed admirably for Parma this season, drawing interest from Manchester United. However, Frey is likely to start on the bench behind Nantes goalkeeper Mickael Landreau against Poland.

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