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Jan 8, 2005
sometimes when i visit this site it give this msg:

Bad Gateway
The following error occurred:
 The host name was not found during the DNS lookup. Contact your system administrator if the problem is not found by retrying the URL. 

Please contact the administrator. 

WhY? :confused:

all the other sites are working just fine

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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by Erik ] ++
Only Martin can fix it.

So no. :D
To be precise it's out of my control cause it has to do with the network facilities of our host. Not much I can do about that, except badger him about it. ;)


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Jan 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Emma ] ++
I have a bad gate outside my home, can you fix that martin?
Drop of WD40, lick of paint and a new server. He'll have it done by Wednesday.

Disclaimer: This is not a legally binding contract. Wednesday in question not specified.

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