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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
when I look for an avatar I just go on google image search, then type in what I want, and resize it ;)


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2000
D, try camoranesi.net, has a special avatar section..

course the selection is kinda limited to one theme if you know what I mean ;):D


f(s+1)=3((s +1)-1=3s
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by littleD ] ++
Anyone know of a good site for avatars? I can't find a decent one yet through google, so some help would be appreciated.
Find a good pic and resize it yourselves, I like making avatars.

I would gladly make one for you if you tell me what you want in it.


Senior Member
Jul 14, 2002
LittleD,try juventus.com's Photo Gallery. They have a pretty good selection of pics,but you'll have to resize them yourselves or get someone like Oded or Tarmpropp to do it for you.


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2002
thats the best i can do...

the pic itself isn't a square....so the height is kinda short

i also had to cut off a bit from the sides to make it closer to a square....

anyway....here u go, hope u like it.


Senior Member
Jul 14, 2002
Thanks alot, but would you mind trying one with just DP in it. That way it might be easier to make it square.


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2002
not dumb at all....

i use photo editing software like photoshop. it's pretty easy with those powerfulll software. but now i'm using MS Paint (i formatted my PC and lost the CD for photoshop! :down: )

anyway, here are the steps for ms Paint:
1. copy the pic from the site you want and paste it in MS paint.
2. in the "Image" drop-menu, click "attributes." Here you can see the normal size's width and height info (in Pixels).

NOTE: the Size of the avatar must not be more than 64x64.

3. compare the width and the height and see which number is larger ----> call this number 'X'
4. do the operation with a calculator: (64/X) * 100
5. the integer result of that calculation ---> 'Y'

6. in the "image" drop down menu, click "Stretch/Skew"
7. Enter the value of 'Y' in the first 2 spaces.

Here's an example,

width= 292, height =182
64/292 = 0.219178
0.219178 * 100 = 21.9178
round to the lowest integer =~ (Y=21)
put the value 21 in the spaces as discribed in step 7.

it's easy, though i might have over comlicated it in the instructions. :angel:

hope this helps...give it a try :D

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