Athletico Madrid recieve huge fine for racist chats - 600€ (1 Viewer)


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Jun 9, 2003
Atletico fined after Carlos abuse

Atletico Madrid have been fined 600 euros (£420) for the racist chanting aimed at Real Madrid full-back Roberto Carlos during the La Liga derby.

The Spanish FA's disciplinary committee decided Sunday's incidents were only a minor misdemeanour.

Referee Alfonso Perez Burrull asked Atletico to put out an announcement on the stadium's PA system asking the fans to stop, in the 83rd minute.

However, the PA announcement resulted in an increase in the chanting.

The Spanish FA released a statement regarding the punishment.

"We wish to repeat our condemnation of this kind of behaviour and repeat our promise to act with maximum firmness to eradicate any display of racism or xenophobia in Spanish football," it read.

The fine is exactly the same amount Albacete were fined before Christmas when Barcelona striker Samuel Eto's was racially abused in Atletico's Carlos Belmonte stadium.

Burrull was again the referee for that contest, but on that occasion Albacete refused his request to make an announcement on their PA.

Their fine was reduced to 300 euros (£210) on appeal, but the fans who did the chanting were singled out by other supporters and fined 6,000 euros (£4,100) each, as well as receiving a five-month ban from other sporting events.


That'll teach them :D

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Jun 9, 2003
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    In Athletico's defence, they did ask for the racist chants to stop through the PA system, and they did identify the individual fans, so maybe the Spanish FA thought they did as much as they could to stop it.

    Still, 600€ is way too low.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    In view of the recent events Spanish teams should consider allocating security to stop this nonsense and escort any disrespecting fans out of the stadium to be made an example of.

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