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Dec 7, 2002
hmm... ireally dont remember how atalanta have been playing the latest games... but it shouldnt be a problem for juve cuz they have been showing us some nice games the last weeks.

1-4 to juve :)


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Dec 31, 2000
They finally got a solid win at Modena, could mean trouble for us. My only concern is we maintain our fine form and avoid patchy periods like december, as many other teams are going through that right now.

Mission: focus throughout all the smaller ties.


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Jul 12, 2002
true, alex. atalanta look like finally getting back on track. but we're too hot to handle right now. another solid performance, and a victory, for the awesome juventini.:strong:


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Jul 12, 2002
Although Atalanta haven't doing well this season, but it seems that they've changed in the new year. Still, I think Juve will come up on top once again, but don't expect too many goals.

0-2 Juve


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Febrina ] ++
I hope we always concentrate in every match :)
to be honest, i feel that we have really improved since the start of the season. i mean we always look solid in the matches and keep our concentration throughout them. with the champions league coming i also think that lippi will rotate the squad, which means salas, zalayeta, and di vaio get to play!


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Oct 9, 2002
too bad for us that Atalanta has maneged to change their style of play into a much better performance where they snatched full 6 pts from 2 wins (against Roma & Modena) , we have to pay full concentration for this match . it's a little bit freaky but i'm sure that our old lady will manege to take full points from this tie but with a narrow win this time.

My prediction : Atalanta 0 - 1 Juventus

forza Juve


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Aug 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Forza AC Milan ] ++ will be a tough game for atalanta :D an easy win for Juve like 0-3, or 0-4!!! u will see it yourself!
I didn't expect such support from a Milan fan!:eek::D

Despite the fact that Atalanta have improved, I think this will be a quite easy match for us. After all, winning with Modena and Roma doesn't really mean anything.

I predict 2-0 to Juve.
Oct 2, 2002
it is not a so called support, cause I will be glad if juve and merda loose points and u will understand me why.... it is simply the fact that juve will smash, trash, crash, terminate atalanta...I predict a big win.

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