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Aug 1, 2003
such great news for our new player in juve, stephen appiah :D

A goal for Africa’s children: this is the new mission for Stephen Appiah, who has become AMREF ambassador.

Football and solidarity once again together to help the children. This time is Stephen Appiah’s turn to give his contribution: the Juventus’ player has been nominated ambassador for the AMREF (African Medicine and Research Foundation).

In the last days, Appiah met Giulio Cederna and John Muiruri (the first is the AMREF responsible for the research and communication, the second is the AMREF project manager) in the Juventus’s site and accepted with enthusiasm the proposal to help Nairobi’s children. Stephen has been helping for a long time also the children of his home, Ghana.

“I’ve been helping the children of my country for a long time, giving them food, clothes and other things but now I know I can do something more for the whole Africa – Appiah said – Today my children are lucky but you can never know what’s going to happen in he future: maybe one day someone else will help my children if the need. I’m proud AMREF picked me up as ambassador”.


wow!! go appiah!~ :cool:

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