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Jul 23, 2002
I need a Good CPU Games Site

where I can find Cracks, Cheats and advice

Most Importantley get the pirate games I have to work......

I have been trying to get Tekken 3 or Tekken Tag

but it has all been a mess

On top of that I have messed up My Task Manager I can now only access the Process screan since I must of ended the Process that gives me the tool bar options to access mem usage and applications.....

I have also been trying to get my pirate version of MK Triology to work for a few months now

So what I would like is for anyone to tell me a Great Sites

wheree there is also a forum
(with a style similar to this one)

where I can get help on some boring trivias of my COmputer.....

Thanks in Advance E

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