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Aug 12, 2004
Juve, Fiore vuole lasciare Valencia: Moggi pronto alla zampata
Sab 06 Nov, 5:38 PM

L'amore tra Stefano Fiore e il Valencia allenato da Claudio Ranieri é durato davvero poco. Il centrocampista, che é stato messo fuori rosa, sta ora valutando l'ipotesi di chiedere di essere ceduto. Fiore pensava a un posto da titolare in Spagna e invece si é dovuto accontentare di un ruolo di secondo piano: un suo ritorno in Italia non é dunque impossibile. La Juve lo ha sempre seguito con interesse e potrebbe riaffacciarsi alla finestra anche se l'organico a disposizione di Capello ha finora dato una risposta più che esauriente. A dire la sua potrebbe essere anche l'Inter: Mancini accoglierebbe volentieri il suo ex giocatore. (Corriere dello Sport)

in general: The midfielder who has been left out of the team is thinking about going from valencia and return back to italy. juve is following this with great interest. Inter are also intrested

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Apr 22, 2003
at least he'd stop scoring against us (even thoughhe plays in Spain now). I think he's better than Camoranesi, and even if you say Olivera is in good form, let's face it, he's not in our starting eleven


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Jan 30, 2004
He'd be great. The problem in spain is with him he hasn't setteld in to Spanish life due to him being a stubborn sod. Anyway, i've always been a Fiore fan and we might get him at a cheap seeing as Valencia don't want him anymore and we might only have to outbid cash-stripped Lazio(what on the other hand might, not necesearily, be Fiore's preffered destination).
Inter may come into the fray as well, and that will make things harder.

He would be a great signing, can't see it happening though.
He'd make our attack a lot more dynamic.


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Jun 3, 2003
Well if we can get him real cheap. Why not? It only adds to the strength in depth. Obviously no player exchange or loads of cash should be part of the deal.


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Jul 12, 2002
not neccessary imo.

fiore would be a luxury we don't need,and besides he's old.We're already seeing so little of olivera and kapo as it is,i don't want to end up with them going on loan at the end of the season or something.he might add to the quality of the team but not by much.


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Dec 19, 2003
When I hear the names of Bonera or Fiore associated with Juve I have to come back here say that they suck. ;)

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