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Jul 28, 2002
I have heard little bits n bobs of info on this guy., all of which point ot a winger with some potential.As we own him already, what are the chances that he will come back n play next year??

Personnelly i hope he stays for another season with Samp, then comes back with more serie a experience.

Just wondering if anyone has any info on this talent, pics, stats, the usual stuff cheers:cool:

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Dec 31, 2000
I'm glad he will be playing in Serie A next year, he's a very good prospect. His season started well but later he picked up two red cards and got injured as far as I know. Still just 20/21.
Jul 12, 2002
He is a quite good player, but not quite ready for Juve. The only problem I see with him is that he plays right wing and that is Zamby's position.

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