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May 14, 2006
Go back 2 years and you're looking at the team Beppe built.

Can you please provide the quote regarding Tici wanted Sarri at all costs? Many of the nonsense posted daily is based on absolutely nothing. F.e. someone not even remotely connected to the club recently came out saying "Paratici is obsessed with Galacticos and wants Juventus to adapt their strategy" and half of tuz takes it for a fact lol.
Well go back two years and you will not find me praising Marotta for selling Pogba Vidal and co without any replacement. But to be fair tici was part of juve at this time already and had a lot to do with squad building.

No I can’t as I have 0 insights into juve like all of us. But as a sporting director you are responsible for it. Than please show me some evidence that tici didn’t want Pirlo? Maybe it was his idea?

Fair enough a lot of media talk is bullshit eventhough i didn’t read that galatcticos story lol

In my view (and that’s maybe a total exclusive opinion) we have regressed a lot in the last 3 years. Players and coaches have been a huge downgrade and it shows in the results.

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May 14, 2006
No what I don't accept is how the same people who praised paratici last summer for a positive mercato are the same ones who are attacking him for having a poor one.

I've said 1000 times now you honestly think this team is worse than last season? I don't !

You think this team is bad enough that the gap of 12 points from inter reflects this? absolutely not, any half decent manager would have at least made this team competitive for the league title

I've also said several times that overhauling a complete style and change will take time, maybe years, but that sword partly falls on Agnelli who obviously wanted to make us more appeasing to watch than the pragmatic stuff we've been used to under the Allegri years and managers before him.

No midfield will ever be worse than that which had poulsen, tiago and almiron.
Well but how good a mercato was, will only Show over the course of a season. You could sign 11 messis and we would rate it a 9/10 but doesn’t mean that it will work out. Not every player fits into a club like he was supposed to do or gets along with the coaches philosophy.

It’s hard to tell if this team is worser than last years quality wise. I’d say we downgraded the midfield cause Pjanics contribution > Arthur’s, we upgraded in attack with chiesa and morata on paper but with Dybala out (or off form) and morata also showing absolutely nothing in the last 4 months ....

Don’t get me wrong with the same squad and a proper coach we would be second atleast. But it’s still an absolutely unbalanced squad (maybe because of Ronaldo) and it doesn’t fit the needs of the coach.

Hardly see any difference between those three and what our midfielders offer week in week out.

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Jul 30, 2015
started there? the balance (focusing on attack not midfield, not building a coherent team) was a big problem ever since we sold Pogba and blew the money on Higuain.
Our problems started there and it's unbelievable that a mistake as big as Pipa wasn't a wake up call for our management...replacing Marotta wasn't the solution, it may had worked if we've corrected the mistakes as well... we didn't


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Aug 10, 2018
ury's still out on tonali, but spina would be a huge upgrade on frabotta and berna, and he's arguably better in the attacking phase than sandro. plus he's homegrown, he was cheap, loyal, humble, hard working. selling him looked retarded back then, and looks even worse now.

barella obviously shits on everyone we have right now.
Everyone was excited about having Spina and Kean as a new young generation, it was very unusual to finally have homegrown young players of such quality. And then one smarty decided to plusvalenza both of them, lol.


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Jan 16, 2011
You moron!!! Have you even read what I wrote???

I can't believe I'm doing this to myself, but look, I will bold it for you, so you can concentrate.

In the first sentence as you can see I did say that We have a solid foundation, we kinda rejuvenated the squad, no one here denied it But we still need few quality additions 2 MF and 1 LB is a must and as many here previously said he fucked up there on few occasions.

In the second sentence, I said that he is not the only one to blame, as that would be plain moronic (see what you doing when attacking Pirlo), there is a huge portion of the blame on the coach too, also the fact that no one denies.

Disclaimer: The following sentence you might not understand at first so please read carefully:

Paratici brought us to this scenario, first with Sarri and then with Pirlo, he also managed to fuck a solid amount of transfer like with Spinazzola etc. Also he missed signing the likes of Barella and Tonali while we are craving for midfielders and allowed Inter (while in financial fuck up) to catch us up and have better upside than we do...

From now on, please avoid my post, I mean don't quote me, I don't post that often and I hate to take your virginity time by making you searching my posts from 2018.
I'll read yours as a good satire and comedy!
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Mar 7, 2013
Points he needs to address

- Lower the age of the team (a few of the players are approaching retirement age)
- Lower the wages
- Stop signing players on free transfers, they are simply market opportunities and don't really add any quality to the team
- Pick a manager and stick with him
- Midfield needs addressing badly
- Make a plan and stick to it unless it's clearly not working after 1-2 years
- Get rid of Ronaldo, he's too old to build a team around and we aren't going to win CL anytime soon so his opportunity is gone unless management go all in again in the next season which I dont think is the right move as it's time to build and restructure.


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Mar 6, 2007
The age of the team has already been lowered. Chiellini and Buffon are stalwarts and can retire at the club.

Would you sign Donnarumma on a free transfer? Or are you just referring to mediocre free transfers, like Ramsey, Can and Rabiot?


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May 11, 2005
I think people make far too big an issue on the age of a team. Ideally you want a mix of experience with younger players developing next to them. Most players can contribute to a high level until 32/33 these days.

If anything we lack a bit of maturity in midfield (Rabiot is only 26 and the oldest but seems very immature, the next is Arthur at 24 who again seems to lack maturity). Out of our starters we only have Ronaldo (an exception), Cuadrado (32), Alex Sandro (30), Danilo (29) and Bonucci (33 and not like he runs/jumps anyway) as older players.

The issue is more about squad planning and being sensible about the length of contracts given to older players. I think this or next summer we need to start thinking about who can take over from Alex Sandro and Cuadrado long term.


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Mar 7, 2013
The age of the team has already been lowered. Chiellini and Buffon are stalwarts and can retire at the club.

Would you sign Donnarumma on a free transfer? Or are you just referring to mediocre free transfers, like Ramsey, Can and Rabiot?
Mediocre transfers, most of those players wouldn't be signed if they were not free.

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