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CR 7

The D.I.L.F
Sep 16, 2003
Jk, Winston is cancer.

That was just a rookie mistake by Jimmy tho. Trying to get an extra inch when there’s seven yards left to go for a first. He’ll learn from it.
I agree he should have went out of bounds. I can't fault him for trying to fight for more yardage though. Sometimes it's just in your DNA.

CR 7

The D.I.L.F
Sep 16, 2003
On this day.........................

26 years ago, Deion Sanders suited up for two progames in one day.

-Flew into Miami at 4 a.m. from Braves game

-Only missed one snap vs. Dolphins

-Got an IV and flew to Pittsburgh vs. Pirates

-Arrived 17 minutes before game time

-Bobby Cox wouldn’t play him
Oct 28, 2010
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The Giants don't do dumb business like giving Sam Bradford and Vince Young contracts
Eagles learn from their mistakes. As evidenced by the recent super bowl win.

Modern times have come yet Eli still remains. An ancient statue the people of New York long erected. Every other Sunday they gather round their mausoleum in masses, hoping to see the statue throw an oval shaped ball across the field. And every other Sunday, the statue lingers there, being beaten down by visiting warriors trying to prove themselves. It is but a statue, yet it means so much to these people.

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