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Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
He thought he clapped back, but he was putting the nails in his own coffin. 50 Cent beat him to a pulp, but the finishing blow was Eminem who is a thorough bread battle rapper. Was so unnecessary too, Em keeping out of it, but Ja fool had to try to take a side shot on 50 Cents friend, and made the mistake of insulting Ems daughter, RIP Jaaa :lol:


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May 29, 2005
@Hustini, whats the whole story with calling this jabroni Janet again?:lol:

Seem to have totally missed it's origins.
@swag will need to be brought into this discussion :D

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I think the point was he was so arbitrary and useless as anyone could ever be, Swag picked some random name to call him because it literally could have been anyone on earth to be in his place and still offer as much as he did... and Janet was the first name that came to his mind :lol:


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Apr 13, 2009
I didn't want Amauri and I feel we have over paid for him.

That said, I feel he can do very well here and we now have one of the most formiddable front lines in the world.

Now lets spend money on the areas of our team that actually needed strengthened.
"We have" 😆😆

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