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Oct 3, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Roverbhoy ] ++

...nope, just a personal greeting (remember, I have no religion...except for A_S that is, and I wouldn't use other religions sacred words out of respect to those who are lucky enough to have a faith).
My bad,I tought they have the same meanings,anyway i just wanted to make it clear..Cheers

...and if HE arose again, well, it would really be interesting to be around this forum again pre-season :eek:
you think he is a fake/dual acount,like some say.. BTW I saw some of his posts lately,seems he is not On-form :D

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Feb 16, 2004
It took me one hour to read this thread. I didn't know much about the forum or what people were talking about I was just enjoying being a Juve fan and no one in this thread made me upset or angry. All you guys here were great. Thanks


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May 29, 2005

Brought to you in part by Viagara, where 4 hour erections are supposedly a bad thing.

July 18th, 2005

We have just recieved word that FBI, KGB, and Interpol are moving ever closer to the whereabouts of one Alex_Samatar, who has now been missing for nearly 14 months.

Despite Somalian Police, The United Nations, UNICEF, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving concerted efforts since last June, the mysterious disappearance of Alex Samatar has yet to be solved, but it is believed from reliable sources that there may be a break in the case.

Earlier today at a New Jersey Taco Bell, an off-duty FBI officer reportedly tried to order a #3 Beef Combo burrito supreme with a Baja Mountain Dew, and what was earlier believed to be a malfunctioning intercom may have actually been Alex Samatar trying to ask if the customer wanted extra cheese on his Nachos.

Here is a transcript of the tape.

Taco Bell Worker- Eep op ork, ah ah. Roses are red??

FBI Officer- What the fukk? I want a #3

Taco Bell Worker- I love Juve each day and 4 ever

FBI Officer- Well, I'm really freakin happy for you kid. Now get me my burrito.

Taco Bell Worker- You block with the Gays and play Ice Hockey

FBI Officer- Oh, that's it, you little bastard. I'm gonna kick your ass!!!!!

Taco Bell Worker- Cookies in my pants love me long time!!!!!!!

Video surveillance shows a young man wearing what appears to be a referee shirt with the number #69 on the back. Video experts in Washington are trying to verify the footage of one ALex_Samatar, who now appears to be in exile, possibly heading towards the palatial brothel of one Duke Von Eggwaffle in suburban New Jersey. New Jersey's finest (all 3 of them), have been dispatched to Von Eggwaffle's estate.

Stay tuned for Crossfire, where our panel will be discussing the potential cultural and economic impact of Alex_Samatar's return from exile.

Wait, we just got this into the newsroom.

Apparently, the shirt in question is actually a soccer jersey of something called a "Juventus". What the hell is a Juventus?? a Skin Condition???
sweet baby Jesus! :lol:

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