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Jun 23, 2011
Good game is exaggerating it, he wasn't poor. But I want to remind you that nothing has changed.

How can you be this experienced a make that pass at the end of the game? It was such strange moment. Receives the pass from the back, realizes he has never made a vertical pass and looks at his options for a horizontal pass. He is the last man and just received it from GK so, what to do. It's the final minutes in the game and we're defending a lead. What to do, what to do, even though the options for a vertical pass are there. The only horizontal pass to make is to Bremer but he is in the shadow of Colombo. Sandro's brain tumor stirs and the 34-year old with endless scuddetos and two CL finals under his belt decides to pass the ball THROUGH Colombo who somehow gets so surprised he misses the ball and Bremer can receive it.

You always get that inevitable brain-fart. His rating is based on how many brain-farts he delivers.


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Mar 23, 2015
Criminal how we washed ~11m down the toilet and kept him here to be rotation for Rugani and Gatti for that salary
imagine having the opportunity to get rid of one of the last fat tici contracts, but you say no

mds and sandro should not have received a new offer and should have got the cuadrado treatment. all of them are finished players (despite probably being capable of a good match here and there)

speaking of cuadrado, i hope to win the scudetto not only to celebrate juve, but to piss off inda fans and cuadrado himself too

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