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Apr 17, 2008
The Alex of Porto was something else in attack, still waiting for that..but defensively he's just a maldini.

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Much harder in Serie A, I'd say. But that doesn't matter a whole lot with our attack being what it is. He gets the odd good cross in but the main thing (in an attacking sense) is that he brings the ball up the pitch. Holding off two markers and willing the ball up the line the way he does is not something many left-backs are capable of.


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Apr 25, 2013
As impressive as he is defensively, I still think his first two years with us were even better. Maybe it's just me but it looks like he just doesn't take on players anymore. Gets the ball and then either plays a one-two with Matuidi or turns around and looks for a different option. Not hating on him, just an observation. But I sure miss him sprinting past players and crossing.
Overall the same. In first two yrs better going fwd, now better defensively.

Tbh, given current XI, with newbie de Ligt next to him and an attacking FB on right, I prefer the current version.

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Was it his dad who passed away or a grandparent? Recall reading both here.

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