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Jun 16, 2004
The Ajax squad has changed from 2 years ago when we reached the Quarter-Finals of the Champions League.
And because Ajax is Juve's next opponent in the CL i would like to present you Ajax's current squad:

Maarten Stekelenburg(Netherlands) KEEPER

Bogdan Lobont(Romania) KEEPER

Hans Vonk(South-Africa) KEEPER

Maxwell(Brazil) Left-back/Leftmidfielder

Filipe Luis Kasmirski(Brazil) Leftback

John Heitinga(Netherlands) Rightback/Central defender

Nigel de Jong(Netherlands) Rightback/Central Defender/Defending Central Midfielder

Anthony Obodai(Ghana) Rightback/Central defending midfielder

Thomas Vermaelen(Belgium) Central Defender

Zdenek Grygera(Czech Rep.) Rightback

Urby Emanuelson(Netherlands) Central Defender

Julien Escude(France) Central Defender

Hedwiges Maduro(Netherlands) Central Defender

John O'Brien(USA) Leftback/Central Defender/Defending Central Midfielder

Tomas Galasek(Czech Rep.) Defending Central Midfielder

Rasmus Lindgren(Denmark) Defending Central Midfielder

Steven Pienaar(South-Africa) Rightwinger/Central/Right Attacking Midfielder

Wesley Sneijder(Netherlands) Left/Right/Central Attacking Midfielder

Rafael van der Vaart(Netherlands) Left/Central Attacking Midfielder/Striker

Daniël de Ridder(Netherlands) Rightwinger/Right/Central Attacking Midfielder

Sebastian Rusculleda(Argentina) Left Midfielder

Tom Soetaers(Belgium) Left/Right Winger

Nourdin Boukhari(Marocco) Left Winger

Wesley Sonck(Belgium) Striker/Central Attacking Midfielder

Yannis Anastasiou(Greece) Striker

Tom de Mul(Belgium) Right Winger

Nicolae Mitea(Romania) Left Winger

Mauro Damien Rosales(Argentina) Right Winger

Gaston Sangoy(Argentina) Striker

Ryan Babel(Netherlands) Striker

Updated due transfer completations

Maarten Stekelenburg: Great young striker, he's seen as the successor for Edwin van der Sar as Hollands' first goalkeeper.

Bogdan Lobont: Second choice after Stekelenburg at the moment, he's more consistent then Stekelenburg but Koeman prefers Stekelenburg. He's also the first keeper of the Romanian National Team.

Hans Vonk: Too good to be a 3rd keeper, he's the first keeper of the South-African National Team.

Maxwell: The best leftback/player in the Dutch competition of last season, he's the greatest talented leftback of Brazil at the moment, he's going to be the successor of Roberto Carlos.

Filipe Luis Kasmirski: Don't know much about this guy, actually i don't know shit about this player except then that he's a great talent.


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Apr 22, 2003
Come on ADP Timers, that's not really necessary..

This is useful in a way, just knowing who the heck plays for them; I for one concede that I didn't know the whole Ajax squad. It'd be good to have insider knowledge about the clubs we're facing in the CL


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Feb 18, 2001
You still have a young squad and by now quite experienced. Amazing that other biggies in the Europe didn't come and steal all your talent away. Although you are our opponent I still wish you all the best in the competition. Clubs as Ajax are always a joy for football.


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Mar 31, 2004
we got Zlatan :p

Too bad that you sold Pasanen and Litmanen, otherwise I would have definitely seen Juve in TV more often... :irritate:


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Jun 25, 2003
How 'bout that striker? He looks like a good player, you know what's his name again? Zlatan something ...:p


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Seven ] ++
How 'bout that striker? He looks like a good player, you know what's his name again? Zlatan something ...:p
Easily the best player in their squad. I'm really worried about him scoring a few goals against us. Let's hope he doesn't play for them though, cos without him they're pretty much hopeless.

Oh wait... :D
Jun 16, 2004
The Koné deal is off the track

Ajax has revealed they won't get Arouné Kone(Roda JC) for at least untill the winter. The African striker didn't passed the medical test and as Koné didn't have enough time to complete the second test in time the deal is off.

Koné was proposed to go to Ajax as he was involved in a swap deal which was that Yannis Anastasiou of Ajax was supposed to go back to his old club Roda JC and Koné the opposite way. Aroune Koné who had interests of the likes of Manchester United, Valencia and Olympique Marseille will now return to Roda JC.


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Jun 9, 2003
Actually, thast not why they cancelled the deal. The deal was cancelled becuase Ajax found out he would be ineligible to play in the CL, as he already played for Roda in the Intertoto Cup. They wanted to keep Zlatan, but he threatened to refuse to play for them.

Exclusivly, brought to you by my secret sources ;)


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Oct 3, 2002
++ [ originally posted by W.Sneijder -18- ] ++
I will add my own opinion, more pictures and player profiles and also the latest news of Ajax within this week, so you can keep up to date of all your Ajax news :)
thanx and welcome to the forums :)

we will kick ur ass godammit :fero:

sorry :D


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Zlatan ] ++
Exclusivly, brought to you by my secret sources ;)
Z, how many times do I need to tell you that your ass doesn't count as a reliable source (of news)?

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